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Modern, sunlight-readable 7" colour display SERIES 200 – new widescreen displays for Zone 1 / 2 / 21 / 22 Brilliant colour 7" widescreen display with touch screen technology Sunlight-readable, suitable for a wide range of applications worldwide Highly rugged and compact design Wide temperature range, -40 °C up to +65 °C

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the innovation for hazardous areas The first sunlight-readable 7" colour display with touch screen technology The new SERIES 200 is designed to meet the requirements of modern process control and visualization at machine-level: it combines rugged and compact design with cutting-edge widescreen technology, and is suitable for a wide range of applications worldwide. The 7" widescreen display provides brilliant colours, high brightness and contrast ratio, thus ensuring optimal readability of all processes and operations. The touch screen technology makes the SERIES 200 as easy to use as a...

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The new SERIES 200 meets the highest usability requirements for operator interfaces: its rugged and compact design makes it the ideal solution for process control and visualisation at machine-level (e.g. stirring units, compressors), or for harsh and demanding environments, e.g. oil rigs or tank farms. This innovative, extremely rugged and seawater resistant operator interface meets IP66 standard, and is suitable for applications at temperatures ranging between -40 °C up to +65 °C. Highlights Software è Available as open HMI version, with Windows® Embedded Compact 7, or SPSPlus Runtime è...

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Versatile solution for hazardous area applications, Zone 1 / 2 / 21 / 22, from -40 °C up to +65 °C Our new SERIES 200 is suitable for a wide range of hazardous area applications across different industries (Zone 1 / 2 / 21 / 22). It is the ideal solution for process control and visualization at machine-level (e.g. stirring machines, compressors, separators, centrifuges, etc.), or for tank farm automation. The innovative SERIES 200 has the same cut-out dimensions as its predecessor, the FALCON series, yet a superior rugged design, and a wide temperature range from -40 °C up to +65 °C....

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SERIES 200 – the state-of-the-art operator interface The new SERIES 200 reflects the latest trends in processor and display technology, with glass front protected, capacitive touch screen and aluminium enclosure – all packed in a small, ultra-compact design. The new ET-/MT-208 HMIs have been designed to fit seamlessly into the existing cut-outs of our tried and trusted FALCON HMIs (ET-/MT-65, and ET-125 with adapter frame). And although the FALCON series will still be available for the next few years, why not get ready for the future today with tomorrow’s HMI technologies – the SERIES 200!...

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Technical Data Product Name Front-panel mounting Front-panel mounting 16.2 m colours, 240 x 128 pixels, 800 x 480 WVGA resolution, aspect ratio 15:9 Brightness 500 cd/m2, contrast ratio 600:1, capacitive touch screen Backlight LED backlight, service life of 50,000 h at +25 °C Function Keys at Display Optionally via matrix keyboard, freely configurable, up to 4 x 8 keys Cortex A8, 800 MHz, Main memory 512 MB RAM Data memory 1 GB Flash + 512 MB SSD Operating System Windows Embedded Compact 7 Global, multilingual support Optional Interfaces 1 x barcode / RFID via reader box RS-422 Wall Cut-Out...

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Selection Table Design Power Supply Order Number Accessories Definition Order Number S7 MPI bus adapter with RS-422 interface, DIN rail mounting, no handling block required Supply and connection module for RFIDi- RDR-2-xxx, AC Supply and connection module for RFIDi- RDR-2-xxx, DC Supply and connection module for Barcode Scanner, AC Supply and connection module for Barcode Scanner, DC Mifare card reader Ex i, contactless, CRYPT protocol support for reader box Our Expertise – Your Benefit All our HMIs are designed for a wide range of applications across many different industrial sectors...

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R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH Im Gewerbegebiet Pesch 14 D-50767 Cologne, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 221 59 808 -200 Fax: E-Mail: All rights reserved. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. All trademarks mentioned herein are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners. ID224201 / 2014-02 / EN – Printed in Germany

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