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HVAC and pressurization IHf» and ATfX

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Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioners Starting in the 1950s air conditioners have become standard features in residential and industrial applications. Although explosion protection started around 100 years ago, forced cooling in such an environment has always been a challenge. Demands as applicable in the oil and gas industry are quite different to a residential or standard industrial application. For many years now air conditioners form a standard ingredient for the comfort of people around the world. Especially in the oil and gas industry it is essential to have a controlled and safe...

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Contents InPac series Purge & pressurization Safe atmosphere Selecting your HVAC unit Model selection HVAC Request Form

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InPac series Optional features • • 304/316 stainless steel cabinet Multiplexer: capable of control- ling many separate units Economizer (extending the life of the compressors and conserving power) 10 to 40kW electric heater Explosion protected crankcase heater (de)Humidifier Purge & pressurization add-on Two additional blowers (as a back-up) can assist in purging and pressurization Copper fin/copper tube coils with highly corrosion resistance Coil coatings: Esgard, TechniCoat, E-Coat, Heresite, and Thermoguard Extra corrosion protection Chemical filtration- Remotely mounted control system...

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HVAC and pressurization - 5

Redundancy The cooling part of our HVAC has our unique standard redundancy design concept. Depending on the climatic data and type of application following redundancy features are possible. 10 kW Cooling capacity automatically includes a redundant design consisting of two independent 5kW air conditioning systems. If one system fails, the application can still run under most normal operational conditions. Dual redundancy design is available enabling 100% backup power. This is applicable for high load equipment cooling and demanding highest ambient temperatures. N+1 redundancy is also...

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Purge & pressurization The InPac HVAC system can provide ATEX certified pressurization to a building or other suitable shelters. The used protection method is also based on the latest EN and IEC standard and suitable for Zone 1 or Zone 2. Figure 1. Typical use of Backup Blower for Purge/Pressurization. Under normal operation, one set of blowers is operating, taking air from the outside and circulating it through area. Figure 2. Typical use of Backup Blower for Purge/Pressurization. During purge, all blowers are active and the return air disengaged, which forces protective air into the area...

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Safe atmosphere ChemPac add-on can be used where the control of gaseous contaminations may be a concern. The ChemPac is an optional feature for the InPac series and is available in multiple sizes to match customer requirements. The ChemPac typically combines four stages of filtration for removal of airborne pollutants and corrosive gases when combined with one of our air conditioning units. Along with pellet filtration media, we also offer adsorbent honeycomb media as a solution. The honeycomb modules provide increased rate of adsorption of gases and significantly lower pressure drop, a...

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HVAC and pressurization - 8

Electromach B.V. situated in The Netherlands, has more than 50 years experience in manufacturing explosion protected systems for hazardous areas. Our system solutions department is specialized in developing custom made skids and container-based solutions. Our organisation is all-round certified for designing ATEX and lECEx systems. We are supported by a 13.000 m2 electrical and mechanical workshop including specialized container workshop. Our team is happy to support you in a ‘ready for connection’ solution enabling: -» Minimizing project costs Shortened turn around One stop...

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Selecting your HVAC unit #1 Required Cooling Load Required cooling load is determined by the size of the area to be conditioned including total interior volume, number of occupants, total heat contribution of all electrical equipment contained in the area, thermal isolation values of wall, floor, and ceiling insulation system, as well as the final geographical destination of the unit/building. Our trained staff will be happy to assist you in preparing a very detailed computerized load study calculation for your unique application. #2 Hazardous Location Depending on the types of hazardous...

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Zone 1 (EPL Gb) or Zone 2 (EPL Gc) Cooling power (kW) 61 series 62 series 63 series Model selection 636 series 648 series 660 series 8090 series 8120 series 8180 series Model selection 16420 series 16480 series 16540 series 16600 series

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EMAIL: info@eleclromach.nl HVAC Request Form DATE COMPANY NAME

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