Compact Emergency Light Fittings C-LUX 6108/C-LUX 6508 - 7 Pages

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings C-LUX 6108/C-LUX 6508

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Lighting Technology Series C-LUX 6108 and 6508 compact emergency lighting fitting can be used for safety illumination, but also as information or emergency exit sign lights. Compact Emergency Light Fittings • With electronic ballast and integrated emergency light • Operating modes - non-maintained operation - non-maintained operation with switchable emergency light • With or without continous operating test • Suitable for wall and ceiling • Can be fitted to order with emergency exit signs • Central locking • Enclosure in polyester resin;

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings Cable entries Emergency exit sign Specify non-standard entries in writing needed only when used as information lights or escape sign lights; With adhesive symbols positioned as follows: Mounting position Special please specify other positions in writing Please specify emergency exit sign number (see below) Symbol complying with VGB 125, DIN 4844, DIN 5035; recognition distance e = 30 m; size 150 mm x 355 mm Colours Sign white Background green Colours Sign white Background green Colours Sign white Background green Colours Sign Background green Colours Sign...

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings Order Number Supplement Colours Sign Background white Colours Sign Background green Colours Sign Background white Colours Sign Background white Colours Sign Background green Colours Sign Background white Colours Sign Background white The light fittings are supplied without tubes and mounting material. These accessories must be ordered separately. Technical Data Explosion protection Dust explosion protection |¡> II 2 D IP 66 T75 °C Gas explosion protection PTB 97 ATEX 2161 Dust explosion protection SEV 05 ATEX 0125 Nominal voltage 1 X 8 W; two-pin fluorescent...

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings Technical Data Protection class Cover fixing (with internal PE connection terminal) Central locking using socket spanner M 8 / SW 13; cover hinged for access Central lock . „ Cover hinge of light fitting on opening Faulty lamp Terminal block Terminal size Light guides Cable entry Central locking device with safety interlock; No switching-off when opening light fitting switch 8080 with N/C contacts; when central lock is opened, voltage to ballast is disconnected on both poles; a safety interlock in switching mechanism prevents fitting from being reconnected...

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings Technical Data Self-test function Operating test Emergency light duration test Function indicators Battery charging Deep discharge protection Charging voltage limit Emergency light duration The emergency light fitting is available with or without self-test function. The built-in self-test functions are activated as soon as light is connected to mains and automatically repeated after pre-set time has elapsed. Weekly test of emergency light function; battery and lamp faults are recognized and indicated via Testing of battery capacity at intervalls of 3 months;...

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings Technical Data Operating voltage Emergency exit signs Recognition distance NICd battery, gas tight, built into light fitting When the central lock is opened the battery set is de-energized; it can be removed from the housing by unplugging its removable contact. for information and escape sign fittings Foil, self-adhesive, printed with various pictograms in different colours Foil is stuck to cover externally The various types of adhesive foil which can be supplied are detailed in table "Accessories and Spare parts" Accessories and Spare Parts

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Compact Emergency Light Fittings Accessories and Spare Parts Designation Illustration Description Emergency exit sign Dimension drawings (all dimension in mm) - subject to alterations Additional dimensions for cable Emergency exit sign We reserve the right to make alterations to the technical data, weights, dimensions, designs and products available without notice. The illustrations cannot be considered binding.

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