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Quer Barcelona is presenting in this edition of METS 2014 the revolutionary and unique design of bow QEFS (patented) with supercavitating effect and endowed with dynamic steps, allowing to improve performances, comfort and consumption significantly of any engine boat. This New Bow super-cavitating and spray structure called Quer Eco Fast System (QEFS), includes a series of dynamic steps that, during the navigation, created a chamber of air between the hull and the water quickly by limiting the friction and the resistance of the water. We have build the same boat with the QEFS bow and without it, and the differnce between these two is amazingly significant. There are three sizes for the moment being where it is possible to install the bow; boats from 10 to 24 meters. This bow can be adapted to almost any type of boat through a laminated flange placed in the hull. With this bow, you get increase your ability to slip, minimizing the impact with the waves and by providing a high comfort thanks to the absence of bow impacts, in addition to increased security and save significantly on the fuel consumption. No slamming in order to increase the safety and comfort. Less dragging in high speed planning hulls. 25% less fuel consumption

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