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Promarine 2017

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The concept of interference-free communication Promarine Ltd, a Finnish manufacturer of innovative communication systems, has developed a unique solution for maritime communications. The solution solves the problem of interference in communication. The demands on both voice and data communications in the maritime industry has increased rapidly during last years. The complexity of communication systems has, however, raised problems like interference, intermodulation, corrosion and ground leaks. The problems are difficult to find and overcome, but are crucial to solve in order to secure the...

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HIGHLIGHTS • Combined FM and DAB (digital audio broadcast) active receive antenna. It covers 80-108MHz FM Broadcast and 170-240MHz Band 3 DAB broadcast • easy to use 4-bolt flange mount • does not require ground plane - mast installation possible • extremely robust DESCRIPTION proTAC 5110 is designed to cover all FM and terrestrial DAB frequencies. Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio technology for broadcasting radio stations, used in several countries across Europe and Asia Pacific. In some countries it is going to replace old FM broadcast frequencies. Antenna is based on...

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proTACwireless GSM/4G/WLAN communication antenna Space quality and military performance in compact and robust package for affordable price - innovative communications antenna for 4G data routers and voice communication systems. 1^311    *^311 Covers all 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies used worldwide (GSM, GPRS, DCS, UMTS, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN...) Only proTAC™ can offer you these benefits • Huge cost savings in satellite based data • 4 antennas in one with 5dBi gain - without compromises • longer range than standard antennas > 35km • provides stable connection - good for critical ERP and VPN systems •...

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proTAC™5315Wideband LTE and TETRA antennaHIGHLIGHTS • Extended version of proven 4G LTE antenna proTAC 5311. It seamlessly covers the range 380MHz - 3GHz without compromises in performance • Easy to use 4-bolt flange mount • Does not require ground plane - mast installation possible • Extremely robust It is based on the Promarine's leading design that brings 20-70% radiation efficiency advantage compared to industry standard antennas. This can be directly seen as improved data rate and range even in severe conditions. Promarine Oy Ltd, Vuoritie 6, FI-21600 Parainen, Finland Tel. +358 2...

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proANT™53314G Router MIMO antenna module HIGHLIGHTS • Factory configurable MIMO antenna module • upto 2x2 MiMo for LTE, 3G Diversity • upto 2x2 MiMo for 2.4GHz WiFi • active GPS antenna DESCRIPTION proANT™ 5330 series compact high performance 4G router antenna module allows OEMs and system integrators to easily deploy Internet access to transport industry in volumes greater than 10pcs. It's primary LTE antenna module is based on the Promarine's leading design that brings 20-70% radiation efficiency advantage compared to industry standard antennas. Remaining antenna modules can be chosen by...

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4G Router MIMO antenna module Promarine Oy Ltd, Vuoritie 6, FI-21600 Parainen, Finland Tel. +358 2 4542340, Fax. +358 2 4542341,, © Promarine Ltd - All Rights Reserv

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Multiuse - multi frequency antenna for everyday communications proD4™ is an highly integrated multifrequency antenna that covers the most of communication frequencies and it performs!. It is used in normal leisure boats and why not in professional work- and patrol boats as well. Overview proD4™ - multi frequency antenna covers all everyday communication needs for leisure boat. It's leading design principle was to maximize signal to noise ratio and signal quality instead of reaching the maximum gain at the cost of quality. proD4™ utilizes also the state of the art design rules that are...

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Antenna properties Frequency/ relative gain Power supply FM Radio: 80-108MHz / > 8dBi TV(VHF): 170-240MHz / > 14dBi TV(UHF): 480-800MHz / > 18dBi GSM:800-960MHz / > 2dBi GSM:1700-2150MHz / > 2dBi WLAN: 2.4GHz / >2dBi GPS: 1575-1610MHz / 28dBi Active GPS antenna +5VDC/25mA FM/TV antenna amplifier +5VDC/<300mA FM/TV/WLAN: BNC - female GSM/LTE: TNC - female GPS: TNC-male Floating Mechanical and Environmental properties (TA=25°C) promarine INTERFERENCE-FREE COMMUNICATIONS

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promarine proTAC 5020 Wideband VHF Communications Antenna (AIR VHF and Marine VHF) proTAC 5020 compact and robust wideband VHF communications antenna for Search and Rescue and patrol boats is designed for demanding marine and military conditions. proTAC 5020 wideband VHF communications antenna is a unique combination of aviation VHF and marine VHF frequencies. It covers the whole spectrum between 110-170MHz with good performance. • proTAC™ WIDEBAND VHF COMMUNICATIONS ANTENNA High performance and robust proTAC™ technology reduces design complexity of vessels' topside structures by...

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Wideband VHF Communications Antenna Wideband VHF Communications Antenna (AIR VHF and Marine VHF) Technical features Antenna type: Omnidirectional Operational mode is monopole Adequate ground plane and contact is required (>1 sqm) Connector: N-type female at bottom Enviromental: Case IP68 shock proof Operating temp: -30° - +60° Frequency range: AIR: 118MHz - 137MHz VHF: 150MHz - 170MHz WIDE: 110MHz - 170 MHz Material: Aluminium base Carbon fibre radiator whip Dimensions: Height: 610 mm (without connector) Width: 140 mm (base plate diameter) Weight: 625 g Return loss: AIR: >10dB (max. 17dB)...

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LTE/WiMAX bands. Alternatively 450 MHz band can be used with TETRA TEDS radios. High performance and robust proTAC™ technology reduces design complexity of vessels topside structures by radically minimizing the antenna count. It not only makes the design easier but it also reduces intermodulation interference and cross-talk that would otherwise occur in too densely located antenna environments. Used together with Quadruplex Antenna Combiner-proFIL 4401 it is possible to use simultaneously up to four radios. proTAC™ technology combines unique design and materials that minimize radar cross...

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