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Noise and Interference Rejection Filters Noise and Interference Rejection Filters proFIL™ series of Professional Noise and Interference Rejection Filters blocks efficiently conducted noise from cables and increases system performance. proFIL™ reduces electromagnetic interference much below the levels allowed by EMC regulations. proFIL 0100 series Power Line Noise filters is designed to reduce noise and interference from the switched mode power supplies. They attenuate effectively low frequency switching frequencies and higher harmonic frequencies caused by unintentional interaction with high power rf-transmissions. proFIL 1010 series Coaxial Cable Interference Filters are designed to minimize interference that is travelling backwards in coaxial cables due to antenna circuit mismatch, reflections around antenna and cable faults. If present, this interference shows erratic behavior in other electronics and electrical equipment like sporadic activations, data errors, clicks and cracks. It can also activate other transmitters and make them oscillating on other frequencies. In higher power transmitters it can create strong electromagnetic field inside the cockpit which can exceed even healthy limits. proFIL 1010 does not block DC-current thus it can be used in coaxial cables that supply control signals and DC power to the antenna tuner. Due to the innovative design of proFIL™ technology, products do not have attenuating effect to original signal. This makes them easy to adapt in any situation without the fear of losing performance. High-performance proFIL™ technology enables modern communication without compromising safety and performance. Its low loss and medium isolation output ports improves the overall performance of the communication system in comparison to the traditional one antenna – one radio approach. proFIL™ technology is proven and being used by many governments and authorities in Europe. Less noise, no interference • • • • minimizes power supply noise easy to try and install keeps EMI levels at minimum zero loss technology Electromagnetic modelling services fine-tunes performance By using advanced proEMS™ electromagnetical simulation, modelling, analysis and measurement services a complete 3D-electromagnetic environment of the ships external structures is built and the optimal location for each antenna with the least interference can be found and verified. The proEMS™ services are useful for any size of boat or ship and are tailored for each customer separately. Promarine Oy Ltd, Vuoritie 6, FI-21600 Parainen, Finland Tel. +358 2 4542340, Fax. +358 2 4542341,, © Promarine Ltd -

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NOISE AND INTERFERENCE REJECTION FILTERS Table 1 Electrical Specifications Antenna Antenna Promarine Oy Ltd, Vuoritie 6, FI-21600 Parainen, Finland Tel. +358 2 4542340, Fax. +358 2 4542341,, 21.10.2013 © Promarine Ltd - All Rights Reserved 21

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