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generation nex Swivel pro am FLYING SAILS FURLER

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Flying sail furlers NEX, THE NEW GENERATION FURLER The new version of the Nex furler is now available with many innovations and technological improvements. These innovations, resulting from our expertise gained since the launch of the first version of the NEX in 2010 will bring you even more performance, safety and comfort when sailing. Its range of 7 models covers all sizes of sails (up to 350m²) and enables it to equip boats of more than 80'. Why choose a NEX furler? • Performance: Speed of furling, weight and optimized footprint • Comfort and safety during furling/unfurling operations...

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What types of sails? NEX furlers are intended for flying light wind or heavy sails. Developed in partnership with the largest sailmakers, the NEX furlers allow you to get the best out of your sails while handling them easily and safely Light sails: Gennaker, Code 0, Screacher, light genoa Heavy sails: • Solent, stay sail ^spinex NEX furlers: the reference in the racing world: Since their launch in 2010, NEX furlers have often been in the lead in offshore races and have been chosen to equip the most efficient yachts: • IMOCA, • Class 40, • Ultim, • Multi 50, • M32, • Mini 6.50 • Etc...

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SAFETY SAFE SYSTEM : Removable line Already present on the 1st generation of NEX, the SAFE SYSTEM enables you to stop the furling line running during sail deployment and therefore helps: • prevent accidents or damage caused by a free running line. • manoeuvre more quickly and easily • prevent excessive wear of the line NEW TERMINALS: • Swivel eye • Compact halyard block • Solid sheave See pages 30 and 31 PERFORMANCE OPTIMUM FURLING : Furl quickly and without effort A real technological improvement, Nex drums are the widest on the market and provide: • Fast furling speed • Comfortable...

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EASY TO USE I-CONNECT : Quick fit sailing system Available on swivel shackle and drum mechanisms, I-Connect offers: • Quick opening and closing of the pin by pulling on the ball (regardless of the direction of the force) • Excellent grip (even with gloves) • A simple new mechanism without jamming - easy to dismantle QUICK FIT : Line Fitting Already present on the 1st NEX, Quick Fit makes fitting and removing a spliced line quick and easy: • Quick Installation • Possibility of splicing to length • Possibility of leaving the line in position • Possibility of using the same line for several...

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*: The values shown in the table are for information only and should be verified by a professional taking into account the characteristics of the boat. ** The working loads shown are the maximum working loads of the mechanisms only and are not the loads of the complete system when terminals are included. The product should not be used above these working loads in any circumstances.

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Profurl + points: Proven and unique technology • Performance even under high loads • Reliability and longevity of the mechanisms NEX furlers and manual furlers share the Profurl technology that has created the reputation of the brand: Profurl mechanisms are the only ones to use bearings made from very hard 100C6 carbon steel which allow furling even under high loads (no crushing of the balls). The mechanism is mounted in a waterproof grease bath and is protected from external aggressions (salt, sand, etc.) and does not require any maintenance. Clevis pin snap shackle Speedlink: trigger snap...

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Flying sail furlers ACCESSORIES SWIVEL TACK POINT FOR SPINNAKER : Spinnaker tack: available for Nex 4.0, 6.5 and 8.0, spinnaker tacks connect to the drum and allow you to furl asymmetric spinnakers top down. STAINLESS STEEL AND ALUMINIUM THIMBLES Available in stainless steel or aluminium, their form facilitates the positioning of the sail in the mechanism forks. Their cut-outs allow good positioning of the lashings avoiding excessive wear. Stainless steel thimbles are an economical solution. Aluminium thimbles provide performance and lightness; they are used for racing programmes....

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FLYING SAIL FURLER WITH DRUM > With a drum and a single furling line similar to manual headsail furler. > Economical system. > Easy to install on board Contact us for more information Non contractual photo Width drum mechanism: B mm Weight: spool (only) Kg Technical data: spool Technical data: swivel Height pin to pin: D mm Weight: swivel (only) Kg Max ø luff line mm

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Stainless steel thimbles:

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