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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 2

New Zealand’s iconic wingfoiling brand is expanding New Zealand’s well known for punching above its weight with many globally recognised and loved foiling brands. And there’s a reason for that, we are uniquely positioned to test our products in the world’s purest locations with some of the best watersport athletes on our doorstep. However, take one look out on the coastlines and beaches on New Zealand you’ll see one dominant brand - PPC. In 5 years PPC has surpassed all other well-known players to become the market leader in New Zealand and continues to grow 50% year on year exclusively...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 3

About PPC Foiling A New Zealand native, Sam Loader’s journey in water sports led him to establish PPC, building on his experience from a thriving surf and paddleboard venture in California. Back in New Zealand, Sam has continually been at the forefront of foiling innovation, steering PPC to new heights. Chris Leuschke, a seasoned business professional, brings to PPC a wealth of experience and unparalleled expertise in the business realm. His strategic insights and business acumen are invaluable assets that will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our company's growth and success....

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 4

What we do best No one is doing it like us. PPC has full control of our supply chain with our in-house design and ownership of all materials and processes. Behind every PPC board lies a carefully guarded formula, a proprietary blend of materials and meticulous lay-up techniques that elevate our boards to a league of their own. The PPC design and production process is unreplicable—with the secrets safeguarded within the walls of our factory, enabling a competitive edge that's as strong as our product offering. The future of foil boards is our Moulded Core Technology (MCT)© Dyneema Composite...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 5

There’s no going back From the moment you start, the M1’s responsive pump and immediate power are unmistakable. You’re up and foiling almost before you realize, cutting through the water with precision and ease. The custom PPC single-piece molded, full carbon ergo handles contribute to this experience with a 50% reduction in weight, offering zero lateral movement for full control. The long front handle (53cm/20.8 inches) provides the ultimate in forgiveness, while the rear ‘power' handle (33cm/13 inches) enhances maneuverability and control. When a gust strikes, the M1’s aerofoil holds its...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 6

Introducing the new Soar Pro Foil Board RRP From 1,690 USD The best feeling board yet Designed for advanced riders, the Soar Pro has a slim profile while maintaining the signature Soar model sharp lines and light weight design, enhancing wing foiling sessions with improved manoeuvrability and efficiency. With a longer waterline, the Soar Pro achieves quicker lift-offs. Its narrow width allows for precise control during aggressive turns and complex manoeuvres. Constructed with our robust, moulded core and multi-layer uni-directional carbon, it's built to withstand the rigorous demands of...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 7

Expansion opportunities for your business Stock the next generation this season Our technology is changing the foiling world. PPC is growing and is on track to become a market leader. PPC’s core competencies are in product development, channel support and supply chain management. PPC’s sales strategy is to mature our go-to- market model and drive towards mass market adoption, via appointment of strategic Resale partners SERVICE CENTRE BRAND AMBASSADOR Reseller Prerequisites • Have an existing business with channels to market in either water sports or marine • Be able to demonstrate the...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 8

Reseller FAQ’s Can I gain exclusivity? No, but we will not put any other reseller in a geography that negatively impacts you or another existing reseller. Resellers are allocated on a first come first serve basis and PPC will be capping the total number of possible locations based on the specific market opportunity. What are the warranty terms? Unlike other foiling manufacturers who offer a 6 month limited warranty PPC covers any manufacture defect on wings in the first 12 months & any manufacture defect on boards in 24 months. What is the minimum order quantity? We have no minimum order...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 9

Unlike other foiling manufacturers who offer a 6 month limited warranty PPC covers any manufacture defect on wings in the first 12 months & any manufacture defect on boards in 24 months. MCT technology makes our board stronger and lighter than anything else on the market today. So strong we’ve had reports of customers boards ‘bouncing’ after a drop and more recently had customer’s car run over their board resulting in only a few scratches. The dominant foiling brand in New Zealand, (a highly price sensitive, competiti

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 10

The M1 Wing is unmatched in its precise, responsive nature, and instant power. Perfect high-speed stability and dynamic maneuvers. for all foiling activities, it ensures smooth control, even in gusts, and is designed for both Custom ppc single piece molded, full carbon ergo handles 50% reduction in weight! Zero lateral movement = FULL control Long front handle (53cm/20.8 inch) gives you the ultimate in forgiveness & rear ‘power' handle (33cm/13 inch) Surge Wing V2 The Surge Wing V2, recognized globally, provides a powerful lift and performance. Its refined design achieves the ideal balance...

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PPC Reseller Prospectus 2024 - 11

Product Name Soar Pro Foil Board The Soar Pro, a high-performance wing foiling board, features a flattened deck and narrow width for agility. Its multi-layer carbon construction ensures durability and responsive handling. Ideal for experienced riders, the Soar Pro promises early take-off and smooth maneuvering. Link Board The Link offers seamless glide from upwind to downwind using paddle power alone. With a ridge for stability and a flat rocker for speed, it’s built from light, strong carbon sandwich tech. It excels in linking bumps and maintaining downwind flight. Prone Surf Board Our...

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