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Taizhou Powerstar Industry Co.,Ltd POWERSTAR Generator

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Company Profile Powerstar marine generator is a new series of products independently developed by Taizhou Powerstar Industry Co.,Ltd., which is based on many years of application experience of boat generator. The whole series of products have the excellent characteristics of beautiful, stable, reliable quality, low vibration and low noise. The whole series of generators are divided into Golden series, Mini series and Plantinum series, and ZC or CCS ship inspection certificate can be selected.

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MINI Series 8kW(50Hz) Generator Specifications Output Diesel Engine Specifications Alternator Specifications Controller Specifications Working Voltage 8.0V-35.0V DC Continuous power supply Power Consumption Overall Dimension (Specifications are subject to change without notice

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Installation Dimention Exhaust Pipe mm Water Inlet Pipe mm Standard Configuration Remote Panel Water Intake Generator Self-protection Shutdown: High water temperature, low oil pressure, high speed Taizhou Powerstar Industry Co.,Ltd Add: No. 8, Yangzi Gang Road, Taizhou , Jiangsu , China 225300 Tel: 400-178-9108,+86-13952618911 (Specifications are subject to change wi

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