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QUALITY ASSURANCE PROFILE & INFRASTRUCTURE We are an ever-propelling company, chiefly expert in the design and manufacture of a wide range of Marine Rubber & Engineering Products. We are rapidly expanding, keeping pace with the latest Engineering Technologies and possess state-of-the art manufacturing infrastructure. We have crossed barriers, that today, has raised us to pioneering heights. The whole range of HI-TECH products conform to all popular Engineering Standards and Specifications viz. ISI, JIS, ASTM, BS, ISO, DIN and others. All the products have been inspected & approved by major...

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HI-TECH PNEUMATIC FENDERS (HPF) HI-TECH Pneumatic Fender uses the elasticity of the compressed air, which has no variation or deterioration in performance for years of usage. HPF provides more safety against excess loads by absorbing very high energy without any considerable increase in Reaction Force, like in other solid fenders. HPF keep floating over the water surface and are adaptable to high and low tide levels; this facilitates low and uniform surface pressure at any time of berthing. SIZE RANGE : HI-TECH SLING PNEUMATIC FENDERS (HSPF) The HI-TECH Sling Pneumatic Fender, has no...

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HI-TECH NOVA CONE FENDER (HNC) These Fenders makes an effective use of its cone shaped section in 0 taking up angular berthing loads, upto 10 berthing angle, without any change in its Energy Absorption capacity. SIZE RANGE It withstands the shearing action of angular load and thus are more durable, strong & stable. The unique feature of lesser throw distance allows more and faster loading operations. The Fenders are normally installed with a UHWMPE lined frontal frame which helps in reducing the frictional forces and hull pressure. HI-TECH CELL FENDER (HCF) SIZE RANGE Height (400 to 3000)...

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HI-TECH MT FENDER (HMT) HI-TECH MT Fender is a very efficient design amongst the range of available solid dock fenders. The special "M" shaped section of the fender allows a very high Energy Absorption with comparatively lower Reaction forces. SIZE RANGE Height (250 to 1000) mm Its typical section allows a larger contact area compared to the AT Fenders and thus reduces the hull pressure. Also, the shape is designed to distribute the stress multidirectionally which ensures more durability. HI-TECH AT FENDER (HAT) HAT Fender by its virtue, is both economical & having excellent functional...

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HI-TECH TUG / BARGE FENDERS The HI-TECH TUG-BARGE Fenders, resists the heavy pushing and rubbing forces subjected on them. APPLICATIONS ! Tugs, Barges & other small berthing vessels. ! Cargo jetties, Roll on - Roll off berth ! Concrete capped wharves ! Caisson or pile based jetties ! Ladder and Corner protection ! Passenger ferry berths ! General protection purpose applications on Marine structures RANGE : Fenders are also available in other custom shapes & sizes. CORNER PROTECTION FENDERS HI-TECH has developed a Corner Protection system using some of the more suitable fender types from...

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HI-TECH MARINE BUOYS HI-TECH has brought about a technological breakthrough by developing Steel-reinforced Rubber Buoys over the conventional MS, GRP & FRP fabricated buoys. The HI-TECH Rubber Buoys have a resilient surface which make it an ideal installation in the navigational system. The Buoys are typically designed to take up mooring loads & bending moments induced during its operation. The significant advantage of the HI-TECH rubber buoys lies in its elastomer molded structure, which imparts excellent resistance to water, oil, ice, sunlight, Marine fouling, abrasive surfaces and are...

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HI-TECH ELASTOMERS LTD. WORKS : 798, Rakanpur, Near Santej, Sola-Kalol State Highway, Ta. Kalol, Dist. Gandhinagar - 384 002. INDIA. TeleFax: (+91-2764) 286010, 286806, 268112 REGD. OFFICE : 2, Chirag Apartments, Behind Govt. Polytechnic, Gulbai Tekra, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad - 380 015. INDIA. TeleFax : (+91-79) 6303078, 6303079 Email :

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