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LightUnit - 2

Simple addition = Major upgrade Also for old fashioned orange and grey ladders

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LightUnit - 3

LightUnit with Wallmount Install flush with top of quay

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LightUnit - 4

Versatile The LightUnit is dimensioned to fit all standard safety ladders Intuitive Illumination makes the ladder recognizable to a person in distress

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LightUnit - 5

Solar powered version Independent of power grid All-year performance up to 60°N* Robust materials Reinforced PA66 Waterproof IP68 *For all-year performance up to 60°N, the solar panel must be clean and fully exposed to sunlight, not shaded by the quay side, surrounding buildings, trees etc. From a fully charged battery, the LightUnit can emit light every night in a full winter month up to 60°N without receiving additional energy from the solar panel.

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LightUnit - 6

Grid powered version For locations above 60°N Custom cable lenght

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LightUnit - 7

Stands out The illuminated ladder is clearly visible against the dark quay Central Copenhagen, in front of the Foreign Ministry

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LightUnit - 8

Ideal combination The yellow steps and stiles of the LifeLadder® are optimized for reflecting light from the LightUnit in the business of saving Lives

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