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Product data sheet LightUnit 2021 © LightUnit Product Data Sheet ver. 1.07 The LightUnit illuminates a rescue ladder’s rungs and side rails at night, providing visibility at night and clear direction to safety. Mechanical Data Weight Dimensions Casing material Lid material Gasket material Valve material Screws material PA66 GF30, Carbon Black PMMA, Transparent Silicone, Black PA66, IP68 A4 316 Stainless Steel Waterproof Impact resistance Expected lifetime Expected battery life +20 years 10 years (replaceable battery) Technical Data LED Type LED Color Temp. CRI Grid Powered Power Grid Frequency Standard Cable Length Illuminance Installation on a LifeLadder® includes two Stainless Steel Supports, that are easy to mount in the upper Bracket of the LifeLadder®. Retrofitting the LightUnit does not require uninstalling the LifeLadder®. Installation on a 3rd party ladder includes a Wall Mount, dimensioned to fit any standard dock ladder. The Wallmount is fixed to the quay wall using M12 expansion bolts, french screws or similar (not included with the Wallmount). Solar Powered Solar Cell Type Max Output Voltage Peak Power Battery Type Battery Capacity Bat. Nominal Voltage Illuminance The LightUnit comes in two versions: Solar Powered and Grid Powered. Solar Powered version operates autonomously in locations below 60°N. A solar panel charges the battery pack during daytime and the LightUnit’s power saving algorithm ensures functionality all year round* From a fully charged battery the LightUnit will function for +30 . nights if the solar panel is covered. Grid Powered version connects to the local power grid and is the best choise at locations above 60°N or in places with shady surroundings such as next to buildings, under bridges etc. There is no active algorithm calculating light intensity in the Grid Powered LightUnit. It runs with maximum light intensity every night. The Light Sensor determines when to turn on/off. Solar Panel LightUnit with Wallmount Optional position Normal position Light Sensor Yellow LED indicator The Wallmount is made of 6mm A4 316 Stainless Steel. Use appropriate M12 fasteners for installation. There is no ON/OFF button on the LightUnit. At delivery the Solar Powered LightUnit is in Factory Sleep Mode. When the solar panel is exposed to light, the yellow LED indicator will flash. After 30 minutes of constant light on solar panels the LightUnit wakes up. At normal operation when the Light Sensor is exposed to darkness/light for 3 min., the main LEDs turns on/off. First night after waking up from Factory Sleep Mode the Solar Powered LightUnit runs with lowest light intensity. Based on the length of the night and energy harvested during daytime, the LightUnit will adjust its light intensity a bit once a day. It can take 4-5 days after installation for the algorithm to adjust the light intensity to the correct level. For optimal energy harvest the Solar Powered LightUnit must be installed with the solar panel flush (in level) with the top of the quay to avoid shade. This is especially important at a north oriented quay. If the solar panel is covered, the algorithm will each night reduce the light intensity to preserve energy. Whenever the solar panel receives light, the intensity will increase. *To function all year round up to 60°N, the Solar Powered LightUnit’s solar panel must be clean and fully exposed to sunlight. Shadows on the solar panel from the waterfront, handrails, buildings, trees etc. will reduce the LightUnit’s ability to charge and may cause temporary depletion of the batteries. Port-Safety ApS Kronprinsensvej 33 2000 Frederiksberg Danmark

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