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LifeLadder - 2

Requires maintenance

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LifeLadder - 4

Visible 24/7 Modular construction Maintenance free

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LifeLadder - 5

Main modules High strength Spacers Compressible It is a simple solution and I am surprised it has not already been implemented somewhere around the world. Laurence Jones, TT Club +25 Years of experience with Port operations and insurance Ropes Static, 2 ton each The invention behind LifeLadder is covered by Pending Patent Application no. EP17166906.2

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LifeLadder - 6

Specifications 50 cm 20.5 cm 40 cm 35.5 kg 3.6 meter ladder + steel brackets + LightUnit LifeLadder is dimensioned to comply with European Standard EN 14329

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LifeLadder - 8

Insert LightUnit Attach LifeLadder Suitable for manual handling: 3.6 m LifeLadder weighs 20.8 kg

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LifeLadder - 9

Solar powered Ensures 24/7 visibility Independent of power grid Functions all year Optimized for full year performance up to 60°N Robust materials Reinforced PA66 Waterproof IP68

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LifeLadder - 11

Added Value Improved safety and early break even Improved Safety Visible day and night Solar lighting Maintenance-free Robust materials with superior lifetime Sustainable Replaceable and reusable parts Costs Rubber ladders Fender manufacturers Heavy steel ladders Direct import from China Traditional steel ladders Lifetime approx. 15 years To be painted every 2 years Lifetime minimum 20 years Light Unit batteries replaced after 10 years Aluminum ladders

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LifeLadder - 12

Economy Long lifetime Maintenance free Easy module replacement Lightweight installation Compact storage Reduced Costs Annual Replacement Contract available

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LifeLadder - 13

•• •• LIFEU\DDER by port::safety Safety upgrade Reduced Costs INTERNATIONAL TT Club Innovation in k Safety Award 2017 , Best Safety Product of the Year

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LifeLadder - 14

in the business of saving Lives

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