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650: Recommended niche width 20 According to EN 14329:2004 the distance from quay wall/ wharf to center step must be 150-200 mm The LifeLadder® is made of maintenance-free, reinforced synthetic modules in a bright, yellow color that ensures visibility during daytime. A solar- or grid powered LightUnit provides visibility at night and clear direction to safety. To assure optimum performance for the LightUnit, top-most bracket must be installed in level with quay edge Each LifeLadder® module is injection moulded in one piece (PA6IM GF30, color RAL 1016). Rubber spacers (EPDM Shore A85) keep the modules apart. Four ropes made with Dyneema SK78 fibres (Ø5 mm, UHMwPE, Breaking strength 3,0 t) tie the modules together. The LifeLadder is mounted with Brackets of stainless steel (Marine Grade A4 SS316) that can be bolted, screwed or welded on to any waterfront structure. The invention behind the LifeLadder® is covered by a pending patent no. EP17166906.2. The LightUnit is made from an injection moulded casing (PA66 GF30, carbon black), transparent lid (PMMA), silicone gasket, waterproof valve (IP68), stainless steel screws (Marine Grade A4 SS316). The LightUnit is designed for highest impact protection class IK10 (undergoing verification) and waterproof class IP68 (undergoing verification). LifeLadder® is dimensioned to comply with European Standards: EN 14329:2004. Outer Dimensions: 0,5(W) x 0,2(D) x max. 9,0 m(H). Other Dimensions: Rung width: 40,0 cm. Center rung to quay wall: 15,0 cm. Included SS Brackets. 5 mm thick. LightUnit: 37,5(W) x 9,5(D) x 4,3 cm(H). 2,6 kg. incl. steel supports. Weight of a LifeLadder® depends on the lenght, e.g. 3,6 m LifeLadder® (12 modules): 19,5 kg (ladder) + 5,8 kg (2 x SS Bracket) + 2,6 kg (LightUnit) = 27,9 kg. Please refer to the attached table for the placement of the Fork Bracket Recommended quay/wharf geometry Distance between LifeLadders®: Every 30 m (ref. EN 14329:2004) Niches: For best protection, LifeLadder should be installed in niches: Recommended width: 0,65 m and depth: 0,25 m Fenders: Where niches are not an option, fenders of adequate dimensions should be installed on both sides of a LifeLadder® For special requirements, e.g. customized installation, please contact Port-Safety. Ladder should extend 1000 below LAT 1600 from lowest bracket to lower end of LifeLadder LAT Lowest astronomical tide The LightUnit can be installed on top of the LifeLadder®. When surroundings are dark, two LED lights illuminate the steps and stiles of the ladder, providing visibility at night and clear direction to safety. The LightUnit is available in two versions: Solar Powered and Grid Powered. Solar Powered version operates autonomously in locations below 60°N. A solar panel charges the battery pack during daytime and under normal conditions the LightUnit's power saving algorithm ensures functionality all year round. Grid Powered version connects to the local power grid of 85V-305V AC by a 2,0 meter cable. It is the recommended choice for locations north of 60°N and installations in shady surroundings; next to buildings, under bridges etc. Mount the Brackets using at least 2 of the 4 ready made holes with a diameter of Ø14,5 mm. Use appropriate M12 size fasteners (screws/bolts/rods) when mounting the Brackets to quay walls of steel/concrete/stone/wood etc. Turn Brackets upside-down for alternative hole-positions. The Brackets can also be welded onto steel structures or modified to fit the place of installation. Please see the LifeLadder Installation Guide for proper installation. NOTE: At thruster exposed positions, the lowest module must be fixed with a Bracket. LifeLadder® Product Specifications Version 3.0. Copyright © 2023. Port-Safety ApS THE INFORMATION AND DESIGNS CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT ARE THE PROPRIETARY PROPERTY OF PORT-SAFETY APS. NEITHER THIS DESIGN NOR ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF PO

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