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1 Port Camargue France, Europe’s largest marina facility (4860 berths)

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Welcome on board Discover the Distinction 25-years of experience and over 30.000 berths installed, present Poralu Marine as one of the world leaders in the field of pontoons and marina equipment. We design, manufacture, install and follow your project from A to Z whatever the geographical site or budget. At first sight, you will discover the distinction. Avantgardism in our spirit, we have been one of the first pontoon makers to use exclusively an aluminium structure with roto-moulded polyethylene floats. With a meticulous attention to detail, nothing has been left to chance from the...

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People and their organisation make the difference. Here at Poralu Marine, we have set our heart on becoming your preferential partner whatever your project. We work as one team from the design department through the welders to the sales assistants, the procurement and the logistic team. Our first goal is to meet your satisfaction. The service we provide is 100% committed including the survey, economics, build and financing of your turn-key marina. Additionally we can even train your future staff and provide the necessary peripheral accessories. By considering each project as a new challenge...

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Pontoons and Marinas Jacksonville, Florida Jersey, UK From 50 to 5000 berths. For Poralu Marine, there are no projects too small or too large. We reserve our best welcome to each of you because we know that a satisfied customer is a happy customer. The 30.000 berths installed worldwide, from Sydney to Cannes and from Florida to Moscow demonstrate our know-how in any situation. Thanks to its clean lines, careful choice of colour and the use of modern and ecological materials, Poralu Marine pontoons will suit all projects, from sea to fresh water. Barneville Carteret, France 6 Rimini, Italy 7

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We build your floating future. Resolutely modern, robust and ecological, Poralu Marine can grant more technicity, functionality and modularity to the pontoons thanks to the use of an ingenious system of profiles and frames. When Design means Solidity and Reliability, our structures are as strong as any. The aluminium made by Poralu Marine is an alloy produced with different minerals which reinforce the properties of the metal during its manufacture. Contrary to steel that risks corrosion even when treated, aluminium is inherently anti-corrosive and reinforces its protection by oxidation....

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The distinctive touch. Fingers are excellent for maximised berthing. The layout of fingers provides enhanced aesthetics and easy access to craft. Equipped with a robust end fender, our fingers welcome you with security. Easy movement of the fingers with no drilling or cutting allows you to manage the layout of the berths now and into the future. From Land to Water. Available from 3 to 36 metres in length with a capacity range from 200 to 500 kg/m 2 Poralu Marine gangways are always admired. As the link between land and water, they comply with all the regulations and norms while keeping a...

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Solutions for all your projects. Poralu Marine is not only an aluminium floating pontoon specialist! We can offer a complete range of fixed pontoons or board walks where suitable. Modules: 1 to 6 metres in length with a load capacity of between 200 and 500 kg/m 2. Span length between supports can be configured to reduce piling costs. Protection, a priority! We all know that some locations require greater protection from the forces of nature than Fixed pontoons others so Poralu Marine has developed a range of concrete pontoons and waves attenuators providing stability and sturdiness while...

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Waterfront Development Nantua, France Laval, Canada Sydney, Australia 2002 Award Best Waterfront Development of the year Added value to your investments. Through the term ‘waterfront development’, we see all the possibilities for our customers to develop and convert access to water, a lake, a protected national park or a marina around which housing, retail and leisure can be integrated. All these installations offer greater value when your customers have the possibility of mooring their boats on pontoons with a life expectancy of more than 30 years, easy to maintain, modify and retain that...

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Landing Stages Evian, France Lyon, France 18 Majore Lake, Italy The nicest way to be welcomed. Specially designed to accomodate large numbers of passengers arriving and departing from boats and ferries, the landing stages of Poralu Marine adhere to established conditions of use. Installed on lakes, rivers and the sea, our landing stages are as with all Poralu Marine products recognisable thanks to their unique design signature. 19

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Water Sports and Rowing Route du Rhum Race Rental pontoon Private pontoon Swimming pontoon Leisure pontoon Rowing pontoon Entertainment platform We provide safe fun. Our objectives are to responsibly assist with the promotion of water sports and leisure. Swimming pontoons, private pontoons, leisure pontoons and rental pontoons for your events will all enhance the general appearance of your facility and respect the environment. Become our sporting partner. Poralu Marine should be your first choice of partner for rowing and kayak. We design and supply installations for World Championships...

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Renovation Before After Make it look new with a design signature! Poralu Marine can renovate your installation subject to its condition and allow you to keep a grip on your budget. Installation of our EcostyleTM or EcoteckTM composite decking over your existing structure will provide an UV stable, non-slip, maintenance free surface, backed with a 10-year warranty. Additionally aluminium outer profiles can be installed to allow you to fix fenders, cleats, bollards, ladders and other peripherals. 22 23

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Poralu Group Headquarter and Facilities In-house float production Study Design Manufacturing Logistic Installation Happy End 24 Barneville Carteret, France Free your mind. Poralu Marine has accepted the challenge of industrialisation. Certified ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas Quality International, we have automated the main aspects of our production. In order to master our production quality and costs even further, we have integrated the production of our floats in house, by using the innovative technology of rotomoulding and foaming. Just as our 4000 global customers to date, you can trust us....

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