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Catalogue 2005 - 2

PDLYFDRM BUOYS, FENDERS & ACCESSORIES DESIGNED TO MEET THE MOST DEMANDING APPLICATIONS From our trademark A Series buoys used by more people in the world than any other buoy and our specially engineered utility fenders to our full line of accessories, you can depend on Polyform U.S. to have just the right product to meet your needs. THE BEST KNOWN NAME IN BUOYS FOR OVER 5D YEAR utility fenders ■ Increased wall thickness resisting punctures ■ Multiple ribbed heavy duty ropehold to resist tearing - more material where it counts most their money ■ High gloss finish vibrant colors NF SERIES...

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Catalogue 2005 - 3

BLACK BLUE BURGUNDY CLASSIC RED COBALT FOREST GREEN GRAY ■ Even wall thickness for maximum strength ■ Polyform's most popular permanent protected NAVY ORANGE PURPLE SAND TEAL WHITE YELLOW ■ Even wall thickness for maximum strength ■ Reinforced tube ends permanent protected ■ Mirror like finish will colors than any other BLACK BLUE BURGUNDY CLASSIC RED COBALT FOREST GREEN GRAY NAVY ORANGE PURPLE SAND TEAL WHITE YELLOW

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Catalogue 2005 - 4

■ Wide range of sizes to Guard vessels all over ■ Even wall thickness ■ Solid multiple ribbed reinforced ropeholds permanent unprotected moorings, pilings, locks When it comes to fenders, equal. No other manu- facturer of inflatable fenders same blend of one piece construction, consistent overall durability that our F the world at vessels over 60 feet. You will most likely see a Polyform F Series fender on it. This includes some of the world's most prestigious yachts as well as naval and Coast Guard ships around the world. Many have tried consistent Polyform quality this style of fender!...

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Catalogue 2005 - 5

FENDER COVER heavy duty polyester ■ Colorfast - will not fade tailored look ■ Widest range of sizes ■ Limited three year Polyform's modular system will fit rail HDLDER KITS: Polyform's versatile True Fit fender holders are available in ready to assemble kits - each kit comes complete with everything needed pieces also available individually. FENDER HDLDER ■ The most popular fender ■ Versatile system for easy ■ Flexible modular design holder assembly ■ Limited three year KIT WITH 2 FENDER HOLDERS THAT MOUNT TO 7/8" - Also contains 3 TFR 402s and 1 pair TFR 403s KIT WITH 3 FENDER HOLDERS THAT...

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Catalogue 2005 - 6

most recognized product ■ Dual valve inflation/ ■ Excellent rafting fender ■ Offered in seven brilliant high-visibility colors more information Around the world, more BLUE GREEN ORANGE SATURN YELLOW WHITE DUAL VALVE SYSTEM Polyform inflation valve with the words "AIR IN" next to it, for easy inflation, and a blue colored valve with the words "AIR OUT" molded into the buoy for easy deflation and storage. undisputed leader ■ Unique shape makes standard round buoys ■ Most used low drag ■ More sales than all others combined Discovery® Channel ■ Offered in seven brilliant high visibility colors...

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Catalogue 2005 - 7

■ Polyform's unique vinyl valve seals securely ■ Even wall thickness for maximum strength center tube Offshore fishing Oceanic research Fish farming Mooring buoy CC SERIES AS A MDDRING SYSTEM: When using the CC series as a mooring ball, please follow these simple instructions to achieve the maximum use and durability of this product: 1) The CC series has a flexible center tube. You must first insert a rigid PVC pipe. (See chart) DO NOT inflate the buoy until you have inserted the pipe. 2) For easy insertion lubricate both the tube and the pipe prior to inserting. Make the length of the pipe...

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Catalogue 2005 - 8

■ The only inflatable boat guide buoy Small mooring buoy AWSA approved boat guide marker Marker for small lobster ■ Meets official American Waterski Association capability tournaments ■ Multiple colors to mark BUOYANCY RATINGS BUOYANCY RATINGS Made from UV resistant vinyl with stainless steel hardware, Polyform's fender adjuster is easy to use. Adjust fender height instantly, with no knots! Accepts fender lines up to 5/8-inch in diameter, (white only) Limited 3 year warranty. manufactured using the best available marine grade vinyls superbly under the most adverse conditions. With a little...

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Catalogue 2005 - 9

SIZE [Style] 10~ Dock Corner MARKING INKS Polyform provides custom marking inks which are specifically formulated to permanently fuse to the product. These inks are designed to withstand ultraviolet rays and saltwater. Use of a product other than Polyform's may void the warranty on our buoys and fenders. 1 liter GALVANIZED SHACKLE: A handy addition to our A, F and LD Series products for Improved performance in tough applications. PVC bushing distributes load over entire ropehold area for maximum performance and longevity. Choose between a 1-1/4" [#50] or 1" [#52] bushing. Limited ■ Choose...

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Catalogue 2005 - 10

Permanent Permanent Trailered Protected Unprotected Boats Moorings Moorings Pilings [LIGHTID MEDIUM DUTY. Ideal for trailerable boats and boats under 35'. Not recommended for unprotected moorings.] [LIGHT TO MEDIUM DUTY. Ideal for trailerable boats and boats under 35'. Not recommended for unprotected moorings.] FENDER SIZING: a general guide. Common derstanding of your boat FENDERING TIPS • Always hang fenders so they just touch the stanchion base, deck cleat or along toe rail • Avoid hanging fenders from lifelines, this puts [MEDIUM TO HEAVY DUTY. Versatile center rope tube - max. strength...

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Catalogue 2005 - 11

WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS Polyfonn U.S. warrants its products to be free of defects in workmanship and material under normal use and service and when used for the purposes and under the conditions for which they are WHAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER This warranty does not apply to any problem caused by (1) improper inflation of any product, including under or over inflation (please referto inflation guide for maximum inflation values); (2) cuts, punctures, or exposures to chemicals that degrade or discolor plastics; (3) harm caused by animals, birds, fish; (4) intentional damage by people;...

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Catalogue 2005 - 12

FENDER COLLECTION BUOY COLLECTION Elite Fender Covers ^ TrueFit Fender Holders ^ Fender Holder & Line Adjuster ^ Hand Pump & Patch Kit Marking Inks MOORING COLL Polyguard Dock Mouldings

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