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Inatable soft Vinyl Buoys and Fenders F-series Heavy duty Fenders Ribbed, reinforced ropehold Recessed valve screw Extra strong ropehold material Perfectly seamless construction Extra flexible body material Sturdy, uniform wall thickness Smooth surface Glossy finish F-series cylindrical fenders have set the standard for heavy duty fenders for close to 60 years. The newest generation are made by use of Polyform’s unique, inhouse developed and patented POLYMATIQ® technology. Highest breaking strength is taken care of by the two multiple rib-reinforced rock solid ropeholds. Tested for strength and flexibility in temperatures ranging from 30oC to +60oC, these most heavy duty fenders feature high abrasive resistance and high energy absorption (up to 3.8 ton meter for F-13), making them suitable for ships of up to 1500 ton d/w (F-13) . In addition to be a must for recreational crafts and yachts, the F-series cylindrical fenders are widely used by l Coast guard and navy vessels l Pilot boats l Commercial ships l “ALMOST ANY KIND OF BOATS AFLOAT” Appreciated by dedicated yachtsmen for its superb quality From the smallest dinghy up to the largest yachts, there is a suitable Polyform F-series fender.

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Polyform F-series fenders are made by our unique, in-house developed and patented POLYMATIQ® technology that Volume liter ensures supreme control over the fusion consistent quality available anywhere for fitted with the larger V-40 valve. Double Valve System. process and warrants for the most such molded, soft Vinyl fenders. Ination valves The F-series fenders The F11 (and optional F8) is fitted with the Polyform® Double Valve System for more easily deflation. * F8 optional double valve system on request. ** F11 supplied with double valve system as standard. Do not over-inflate! Maximum...

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