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is a division of Petrel International Petrel was founded in 1947. Initially, the company focused on general engineering work from the Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town, where the first workshop was located. By the 1950s and 1960s, Petrel was well-known for repairing and manufacturing deck equipment for the fishing industry. During this time, Petrel became the first company to manufacture trawl winches in South Africa and pioneered the use of hydraulic drives for these winches. Petrel continued to expand its range of fishing equipment and, by 1970, was the dominant manufacturer of deck machinery for the South African inshore fishing industry. In the mid-1970s, Petrel started exporting fishing equipment to the world’s largest fishing fleets on the west coast of South America, where it became a leading supplier. WINCHES | CAPSTANS | FISH PUMPS | CRANES | NET HANDLING 97 Neil Hare rd, Atlantis, Cape Town. Email is a division of Petrel International Petrel is renowned for its expertise in repairing and manufacturing top-quality deck equipment specifically tailored to meet the needs of the fishing industry. Moreover, within the Petrel family, there is a distinguished division known as Gears For Africa. This division specializes in gears and excels in the repair and maintenance of industrial gearboxes. With their extensive knowledge and experience in this field, Gears For Africa is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring the smooth operation of gears in various industrial applications.

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Petrel International excels in the global manufacturing of commercial fishing deck equipment, demonstrating expertise and proficiency in this specialized field. At the core of Petrel's operations lies their utilization of cutting-edge CNC equipment, which sets them apart from their competitors. COMMERCIAL FISHING DECK EQUIPMENT Purse Seining/ Trawling Winches Fishpumps & Bilge Pumps Combination Winches Trident Components Net Crane Stackers Knuckle Boom Cranes Intermediate Rollers Petrel Powerblocks Net Winches Anchor Winches Cargo Winches Tridents/Triplex Netdrums Fishpumps Dewaterers...

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