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CRUISE BROCHURE 2017 - 13 Pages

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PALFINGER MARINE WORLDWIDE THE LEADING ONE-STOP-SHOP SUPPLIER FOR DECK EQUIPMENT By joining forces with Harding, the new and enlarged PALFINGER MARINE has emerged as the global leading manufacturer of highly reliable, innovative and customised deck equipment and handling solutions for the maritime industries. Our product portfolio includes cranes, lifesaving equipment, winches and handling equipment. A worldwide service network, including the supply of spare parts, ensures fast and professional onsite support. PALFINGER MARINE operates in all major maritime segments, including Offshore,...

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INNOVATION DESIGN AND PRODUCTION In PALFINGER MARINE we are deeply committed to providing our customers with high-quality design, equipment and services in an efficient way. To meet the requirements of cruise applications, PALFINGER MARINE is researching and developing its products in close cooperation with our customers in this market segment. PALFINGER MARINE HAS 10 FULLY OWNED PRODUCTION SITES IN 9 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE. –– The customer always stays in our focus –– Worldwide production sites ensure flexibilty throughout the product range Experienced engineers and first-rate HSE and quality...

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CRANES MARINE CRANES Harmony of the Seas, equipped with a PK 150002 M Marine cranes are designed to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the maritime industry. Decades of worldwide experience in manufacturing cranes is the basis for the company’s technical expertise, innovative strength and high quality products. As a global expert for marine cranes, PALFINGER MARINE continuously strives for further product development. STANDARDISED AND CUSTOMISED CRANES In addition to standard versions, PALFINGER MARINE designs and manufactures cranes that meet unique customer...

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FAST RESCUE BOATS FAST RESCUE BOAT DAVITS FRSQ 600 SERIES - Hull and console made out of seawater-resistant aluminum or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) - Designed for service in the most demanding environments - Excellent maneuverability and stability - Inboard diesel and outboard version available - Complies with SOLAS regulations FRSQ 700 SERIES - Single or twin inboard diesel with waterjet propulsion - Closed cell foam fender with a hypalon cover to absorb possible heavy impacts - Double shock absorbing seats fitted - Deep V-bottom construction for high speeds and stability - Aluminum...

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LIFESAVING EQUIPMENTLIFEBOATS AND TENDERS | NEW GENERATION    PASSENGER VESSEL DAVITS CTL 38 AND CTL 38 SV MPC 29 AND MPC 32 VIP SERIES - Gravity based davits - Hydraulic brake system - Low cost of ownership - Easy to operate PD SERIES - Innovative design - Semi-gravity based, hydraulic assisted - Easy to install (plug and play) - A good solution if limited space CTL 38 is one of the most sold tender lifeboats in the world, offering a comfortable ride, low running costs and good manoeuvrability. It is offered as a standard version, the CTL 38, and a shortened version, the CTL 38 SV. The...

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CRUISE VESSEL EQUIPMENT LIFE- AND RESCUE BOATS Safe, reliable and innovative, a full range including fast rescue boats, partially enclosed lifeboats and combined tender/lifeboat systems. WINCHES AND HANDLING EQUIPMENT Enjoy our support – in any port, at any time. Innovation, strength and high quality, designed to meet the safety standards. Compact design and appealing appearance for the cruise industry. Innovative, compact and well-designed. Customized systems of high quality. Easy to use, reliable and efficient, tailored to customer requirements. FENDERS Safe protection of your maritime...

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WINCHES AND HANDLING EQUIPMENT ANCHOR AND MOORING WINCHES PALFINGER MARINE supply a range of anchor and mooring winches for use on board cruise vessels, ferries and yachts. The vessels often have multiple port visits a day, with limited time available for each port call. This requires easy to use, reliable and efficient deck machinery aboard the vessels. The winches from PALFINGER MARINE are delivered tailormade according to customer`s requirements and in line with all applicable rules and regulations. PALFINGER MARINE’S WIDE RANGE OF WINCHES CAN BE DELIVERED WITH THE FOLLOWING DRIVE...

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FENDERS FENDERS PALFINGER MARINE focuses on developing the fender business further to fit the demands of tomorrow. Next to high quality, innovation is one of our main objectives. For the cruise market we deliver the following products: PNEUMATIC FENDERS PALFINGER MARINE pneumatic fenders are fully ISO17357-1:2014 compliant and of highest quality. The sling type fender can be delivered in many different colours, customized for specific ports, terminals and ships. The most common sizes in standard black are available on stock worldwide. FOAM FILLED FENDERS Our first class foam fenders are...

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SERVICE TRAINING BY PALFINGER MARINE PALFINGER 360 | Increase safety and eliminate unpredictable costs PALFINGER – ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE As a full-service provider, PALFINGER MARINE offers solutions that cover every aspect of proactive service and customer support. The global training teams offer training courses for the entire PALFINGER MARINE product range. These courses can be conducted worldwide, both in-house and on-site. Proper training in the correct operation and maintenance of PALFINGER MARINE deck equipment increases safety onboard and the lifespan of the equipment. PALFINGER...

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SAPPHIRE PRINCESS LONDON PALFINGER MARINE offers an extensive program for refurbishing and upgrading/modification of equipment for cranes, lifesaving equipment, winches and handling equipment. Our trained and authorised personnel are available worldwide to handle all your repairs, modifications and overhaul of equipment. PALFINGER MARINE is now positioned to offer complete refurbishments on site or at our facilities in Europe, Asia, South- and North America, and in the Middle East. Refurbishment can include everything from renovation and repair of exterior and interior surfaces, hydraulic...

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