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Lifetime excellence powerful by nature palfinger marine

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60° 41' N 05° 30' E PALFINGER DREGGEN AS Hegrenesveien 17 A | 5042 Bergen Norway T + 47 55 33 36 50 F + 47 55 33 36 51 PALFINGER MARINE SERVICES AS Sålagato 50 | 5470 Rosendal Norway palfinger marine page 52° 16' N 05° 58' E PALFINGER NED-DECK BV Ambachtsweg 10 | 3771 MG Barneveld The Netherlands palfinger dreggen Marine Cranes Offshore Cranes PALFINGER MARINE- UND BETEILIGUNGS-GMBH Moosmühlstr. 1 | 5203 Köstendorf palfinger palfinger palfinger Austria ned-deck T + 43 6216 7660 Wind Cranes Launch and Recovery F + 43 6216 7660 - 2770 Systems...

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Where our strengths haVE the greatest impact. The power of quality & Efficiency The power of global & local operations The power of reliability & Expertise The power of flexibility & innovation PALFINGER MARINE is the global leading manufacturer of highly reliable, i ­nnovative and customized marine, offshore and wind cranes as well as launch and recovery systems. User-friendly application and functional design are the key benefits of the product range. Special coating and high-quality materials guarantee resistance and loading capacity even under tough conditions. A worldwide service...

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When theSE powers converge, we call it “lifetime excellence”. LIFETIME EXCELLENCE is our promise. For PALFINGER MARINE customers, this means excellence without compromise and reliable, economical solutions from a global network of skilled service p ­ artners – the entire product life cycle. The power of quality & Efficiency PALFINGER MARINE is deeply committed to the highest quality and safety standards. All products are characterised by high value retention and low maintenance. This ensures safe and economical use. support safety 80 years experience The power of reliability & Expertise...

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Power is nothing without precision. Marine cranes PALFINGER MARINE offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic boom cranes for variable applications. PALFINGER MARINE products are designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry. Functional design, little maintenance effort and fast operational readiness are key benefits of PALFINGER marine cranes. Cost-efficient manufacturing in stateof-the-art production facilities and the use of high-class materials guarantees...

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Geiranger Fjord Norway 9° 56’ N, 84° 05’ W As a global leader in the marine industry, PALFINGER MARINE has decades of experience in producing cranes. This is the basis for the company's technical expertise, innovative strength, uncompromising quality and continuous product development. This experience is what makes PALFINGER MARINE and its marine cranes so strong. 5 ≥ ustomer benefit from the C 5 company’s decades of worldwide experience in the marine 5 and offshore industries ≥ ALFINGER P MARINE is the perfect partner for innovative and customized solutions features an exceptional...

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Nautic miles Palfinger marine marine cranes STIFF BOOM CRANES Easily-maintained helpers on the high seas ≥ exceptional power-to-weight ratio and maintainability ≥ lender design and additional winches for working, s p ­ assenger and marine vessels ≥ emountable crane booms simplify transportation d Flexible helpers on all seas ≥ compact and flexible marine cranes ≥ flexible adjustment of the outreach ≥ shorter cable lengths for safe handling at close range ≥ ease of maintenance and high level of safety TELESCOPIC CRANES FOLDABLE KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES HEAVY DUTY FOLDABLE KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES...

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OFFSHORE & Marine cRANEs PALFINGER DREGGEN has a long tradition of serving the shipbuilding and the oil and gas industry worldwide with customized offshore and marine cranes as well as lifting equipment. The PALFINGER DREGGEN brand is associated with a continuously growing range of reliable and high-quality marine products and services. PALFINGER DREGGEN is centrally located in Bergen, Norway, with additional production facilities in Poland, Korea and Brazil. The company strengthened its position in relation to the international market by opening sales offices in Brazil and Singapore....

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The power of flexibility. By definition, functional design is aligned to meet specific needs. That principle also applies in the offshore and marine industries. PALFINGER DREGGEN is working in this direction with its customers to develop innovative solutions in line with their unique requirements. This flexibility is what makes PALFINGER DREGGEN and its offshore and marine cranes so reliable and competitive. of experience from serving the shipbuilding and oil and gas industries worldwide with customized offshore cranes availability provided by a growing network of service stations worldwide...

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Palfinger Dreggen Offshore and Marine Cranes 07 MARINE DECK CRANES 03 Slewing pedestal design with a load moment up to 5000 tm ≥ esigned to fulfil almost any task on board merchant d vessels,tankers, dredgers, OSVs and any other vessel ≥ upplied with built in electro-hydraulic or diesel power pack s ≥ vailable as wire luffing lattice boom and cylinder luffing box a boom structures Engine Room Cranes Overhead travelling bridge design, capacity of up to SWL 100 t ≥ andling of provision and machinery parts below deck level h ≥ or support during all kinds of service in the engine room f ≥ wo...

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Reliability when it really counTS. Launch AND Recovery Systems PALFINGER NED-DECK offers Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) such as davits and cranes for life-saving purposes, daughter crafts, work boats, fast interceptors and fenders. PALFINGER NED-DECK manufactures innovative, compact, high-quality and safe launch and recovery systems, whereby an ideal balance is achieved between safety factors and economical factors without jeopardising aspects such as quality and user-friendliness. The launch and recovery systems are designed for long-time operation under especially tough conditions in...

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