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kitesurf_2012 - 2

Smooth predictable handling Mega de-power range 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems) Easy on the bar back line re-launch Comparable feeling throughout the size range One-Pump system for quick and easy setup High volume inflate/deflate valve Multiple trimming options for customized handling

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kitesurf_2012 - 3

The Catalyst never fails to impress me. I ride a lot of different kites but every time I jump back on a Catalyst it brings a smile to my face. It is so versatile and performs very well in all aspects. Its got something for everyone. For sure it's a fantastic kite for entry level riders because it is easy to use and delivers smooth predictable power with progressive handling If you are already a seasoned kiter then this kite can take you where you want to go... boost, ride waves or freestyle. So no matter what your passion might be the Catalyst will deliver. "Summary: From the build quality,...

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kitesurf_2012 - 5

ULTIMATE WAVE RIDING PERFORMANCE Super fast and direct handling Mega de-power range with insane float Easy on the bar back line re-launch Comparable feeling throughout the size range One-Pump system for quick and easy setup Multiple trimming options for customized Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors

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kitesurf_2012 - 6

The REO is designed purely for waves and surf board riders, this is a dedicated wave riders kite. have fast handling, float down the line, good relaunch, mega de power and plenty of power to get you back up to the lineup. The REO is the result of more than a year's development. We wanted to create a kite that was versatile in all aspects of wave riding.. .so if you wanna park & surf or loop it down the line, hooked or unhooked, the REO is designed to deliver in all these The Reo has been a blast to develop. It has involved all of here us here in the Ozone HQ, Hugh, Torrin, Matt and myself...

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kitesurf_2012 - 7

The first time I surfed waves on a surfboard with a kite was more than 8 years ago. Since then the kites have made enormous progress, offering more depower and having turning characteristics that are much more adapted to riding waves. However I never had a kite quite like the Reo. If s the first kite I'm using specifically designed for what I do most - having fun in the surf. It opens new horizons of what you can do and helps you to become a better waverider. Basically it feels like a kite one size smaller in terms of handling and turning speed while still being able to get the power you...

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kitesurf_2012 - 8

Variable Bridle Geometry - New School & Freeride settings Refinement of each size for improved freestyle performance Canopy profiles designed for good Progressive feel throughout the throw range with massive de-power Explosive pop and hang time Fast intuitive handling with a similar feeling throughout the entire size range Easy back line re-launch One pump system for quick Multiple trimming options for Colour coded and numbered fool proof line connectors

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kitesurf_2012 - 9

The latest generation of C4 brings a fresh new look along with small refinements to each size. We have had amazing feedback from riders all around the world, so what we wanted to offer was a very similar kite, yet slightly refined for improved freestyle & wakestyle performance. We have tuned each size individually to offer riders the same performance and feel they have come to know of the past De- generations. We have brought the feel of the entire size range closer together, slightly slowing down the smaller sizes and speeding up the larger sizes for better freestyle riding The new C4...

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kitesurf_2012 - 10


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kitesurf_2012 - 12

The Edge has easily has proven its pedigree over the past three seasons, it is the kite to own if you are searching for ultimate performance. Robbie has worked his magic to design what is the undisputed Champion when it comes to performance for Kite Course Racing. But the real magic for me is the fact the Edge is a joy to ride for any solid kiter that is looking for the ultimate boosting machine. If ripping upwind higher than you ever thought possible and reaching near orbit on your boosts is what you want then look I attended the 2011 Kite Course Racing Worlds in Sylt, Germany, it was...

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kitesurf_2012 - 13

would choose Edges. much done just that this my life. These kites are they work forward in the starting line. This same performance translates into huge, lofty jumps and really fun kite loops. I'm pretty sure I saw Adam jump over a few kites yesterday during a my opinion, this is Rob's greatest design to date fjohhny eHeinehen> S\tirmv 'Ktu-Jv CURRENT VICE WORLD CHAMPION

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kitesurf_2012 - 14

Hi my name is Tamatoa Gillot and I Nothing to hide from my Edge, I give it all to the Edge, my confidence, trust and power. I rely on its perfect handling magic Hooked in or not, its awesome! But my Edge is hiding a lot of things from me, like it's never ending potential! The Edge is mysterious with great surprises each time we meet Every session is a discovery, more fun and wonder. All I do with the Edge is better than I so high its like paragliding, a smooth landing and the up wind reach is a dream. Freeriding with the Edge equals fluent kiteboarding. This kite just does it all, it doesnt...

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kitesurf_2012 - 15

Tight radius turn = great pop and fun Optimised bridle with NO pulleys for direct handling Easy relaunch Huge wind range, 6-20 knots* (6 knots with a Lightwind specific board) One-Pump system for quick and easy setup High volume inflate/deflate valve Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors

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kitesurf_2012 - 16

The Zephyr allows me to ride when I should be mowing the grass, but I need my fix. Call me crazy, but I love to learn new unhooked tricks on the Zephyr in light winds. It pulls like a boat, remains stable when you miss a pass not looping you off down the beach. When you blow a trick and the kite ends up on the water, it still amazes me that it relaunches effortlessly even in sub 10 knot If you dial a trick on a 17m you're away laughing once the wind picks up and you're throwing down on your 10m C4. Cruise around, run a muck... spray some paddle boarders, you know the saying... Historically...

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