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OYSTER 745 - 3

For over 40 years, Oyster Yachts has developed a deserved reputation for building some of the world’s finest bluewater Over the years Oyster has honed its strengths and has also restored and refitted many fine Superyachts. With a diverse portfolio from the wonderful classic Fife Cambria, the J-Class Velsheda to all-carbon lightweight yachts such as Leopard 3 and Sojana, Oysters’ Southampton Shipyard has cruising yachts. Working with Humphreys Yacht Design over the developed a synergy between restorations and customised new builds, unique in its sector. past 15 years, this standing has been...

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OYSTER 745 - 4

Owning an Oyster is a passport to that ‘special place’ in life where you can truly relax, indulge and enjoy yourself to the full. The Oyster ownership experience is like no other. During a history spanning over 40 years, we have built more than 1000 yachts for clients with the desire and ambition to live their own personal dream on the water. Kindred spirits and each with a passion for sailing, forming strong friendships and enjoying good living, Oyster owners embrace a wonderful combination of family activities and a spirit of adventure. Of course, the sea-kindly handling, comfortable...

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OYSTER 745 - 7

DECADES OF SUPERYACHT EXPERIENCE In 2000 the renowned and internationally respected shipyard, Southampton Yacht Services (SYS) became part of the Oyster Group, now known as Oyster Yachts Southampton (OYS). Established more than 30 years ago at Northam, Southampton, UK, the SYS yard quickly earned a reputation as one of the leading major refit facilities in Europe. On the corner of the River Itchen and home to ship and yacht construction for almost 200 years, OYS retains this maritime tradition, working at the hub of the UK’s marine industry. The yard carefully blends technology, innovation,...

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OYSTER 745 - 8

Expert, inspired design that considers function as well as form, is what makes an Oyster the world’s finest Deck Saloon yacht. It’s fair to say that the lighter, more spacious and airy saloon – with its attractive and sociable connection to the action or relaxation going on in the cockpit – is the principal benefit of the Deck Saloon design and the one most appreciated by our owners. In fact, Oyster originally introduced the term ‘Deck Saloon’ to the nautical vocabulary in the early 80s and, although the concept has since been widely emulated, we are still the unchallenged leader over 35...

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OYSTER 745 - 11

ALL ASPECTS OF THE YACHT’S DESIGN ARE DEVELOPED IN PERFECT HARMONY The starting point is the hull lines. All the yachts in the Oyster fleet, from the 475 to the 118, have been drawn by Humphreys Yacht Design, a father and son team, proud of being one of Britain’s best known and longest established firm of naval architects. Their experience and success is broad; custom and production cruising yachts, many inshore and offshore racing yachts, not to mention America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Racers. Oyster’s in-house design team take the naval architect’s hull, appendage and rig configurations,...

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OYSTER 745 - 12

FOR US, THE WORD ‘QUALITY’ HAS NEVER BEEN QUITE ENOUGH From the very beginning our mission has been to build an international reputation for supreme standards of design and build, We never cut corners – we demand only the very best materials and the most reliable equipment. We pay attention to the smallest detail and we won’t accept anything less than perfection in terms of fit, finish and engineering integrity. Every yacht has its own quality control Build Log, to audit blended with outstanding, indeed rare, levels of customer service standards throughout the construction process, and once...

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OYSTER 745 - 14

“There are plenty of details on this boat which take it into the next era of bluewater cruising. It’s a very exciting stage for this new breed of Oysters.” Matthew Sheahan, Sailing Journal

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OYSTER 745 - 16

Featuring Oyster’s latest striking contemporary styling, the Oyster 745 is available with a spacious Deck Saloon and wonderful views from the triple vertical windows. With clean, easily driven hull lines drawn by Humphreys Yacht Design, and with detailed styling and engineering developed by the Oyster Design Team, the Oyster 745 is attracting acclaim wherever she goes.

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OYSTER 745 - 19

C U STOM A DA P TAT I O N TO PERSONAL ORDER Designed and built by craftsmen, providing choice not compromise has long been the Oyster mantra. Underlying everything is the ability and willingness to adapt and incorporate any manner of change or personal liking. Offered in different layouts of a standard hull, the Oyster Yachts’ custom team in Southampton will build a very personal yacht for each client.

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OYSTER 745 - 20

Extended Transom Version Shown

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OYSTER 745 - 21

“It is not until you look forward, especially when you are underway, that the penny drops fully. Viewed as a whole, the complete deck layout is not only clean and clutter free, but also offers superb visibility.” David Tydeman, Oyster CE

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OYSTER 745 - 22

THE ENTIRE INTERIOR ARRANGEMENT CAN BE CUSTOMISED AND RECONFIGURED With her large, full-width saloon, the feeling of light and space below decks is further enhanced by the state-of-the-art, side-sliding glass companionway. Both saloon and Master Cabin have the vertical ‘Seascape’ hull windows. A powerful yacht, the Oyster 745 will easily eat up 250 nautical miles per day on long passages without drawing breath. “For all the details above and below decks, perhaps the cleverest aspect of the 745 is how easily she can switch roles between being a professionally run charter yacht and a private...

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OYSTER 745 - 23

Standard Profile Extended Transom With Supershoal Centreboard Option With Standard HPB Keel Standard Deck Extended Transom Deck

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OYSTER 745 - 24

INTERIOR L AYOUT OPTIONS Typical Layout 1 Standard Interior and Forward Optional Arrangement

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OYSTER 745 - 25

Typical Layout 2 Master Suite Aft Layout Shown with Bathing Platform Option Opened DIMENSIONS Length Overall – (Including Stemhead) 22.74m Length of Hull 21.86m (71’ 8”) Length Waterline 20.07m Draft – HPB Keel (Standard) Draft – Supershoal Centreboard (Optional) Displacement – HPB Keel (Standard) Displacement – Supershoal Centreboard (Optional) Sail Area – (106% blade jib and mainsail with 15% roach) 278.8m2 Tanks – Fuel Tanks – Water Typical Engine Cummins Turbo-charged QSB6.7-250 184kW (247hp) The interior layout of the 745 is very flexible. Three cabins en-suite aft or just two with a...

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