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Work 1000-3 - 1

A customized vessel for fire fighting, rescue and intervention

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Work 1000-3 - 2

This means reliable boats which can move safely and fast to the scene of operation and systems that works flawlessly in any circumstance, even in icy conditions. Main Dimensions: Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery Fire fighting- and rescue vessels is truly one of our specialities. Fire fighting- and rescue vessels has to be ready to move and perform when the alarm goes. Therefore each vessel is optimized for the required and specified tasks, wether them beeing either firefighting, diving and rescue support, emergency towing, equipment transport to islands, oil spill response or any other hard...

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Work 1000-3 - 3

We design and build each individual boat to the customers specifications with all systems included such as eg. firepumps and fire monitors. The fire fighting vessels typically also comprises complex hydraulic systems and control systems, which we naturally include in our deliveries. Cabin Wide, bright and a full 360° view from the cabin Available firefighting vessel designs for immediate production in sizes 8-18 meters.

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Work 1000-3 - 4

Main engines Storage under the front deck and the cabin 2x Volvo D4 270 dpi Optional machinery available on request

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Work 1000-3 - 5

Electrical distribution Fire Fighting 24 VDC consumer/start circuits Shore power 230 VAC Generator option The fire pipes goes both to the front and aft deck Fire pump connected to main engine Optional: dedicated fire pump engine Customized solutions for fire lines and monitors

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Work 1000-3 - 7

Kälviä Kokkola Porvoo Bergen Kewatec is headquartered in Kokkola and has operations in Porvoo, Bergen and Kälviä. In Kälviä, near Kokkola, Kewatec manufactures hulls for aluminum boats. Kewatec’s facilities are strategically selected, based on the sea to do launching and boat testing as convenient as possible. In Porvoo, the facilities are optimal for the production of boats over 25 m. Items marked in red are our location. We have delivered almost 800 professional boats to various authorities and on the map next in blue you will see a few places where we have delivered our boats.

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