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Serecraft W14 AC Main Dimensions: We have named our commercial boat range Serecraft, in order to emphasize the basic features of our boats. Serecraft implies a vessel that behaves calmly and safely, and will not cause any surprises in use. Serecraft is based on the experience and knowledge of experienced, professional boat designers in designing seaworthy, steady and durable work boats. The design relies on the latest design standards and international and local regulations for work boats. Serecraft model series comprises many different boat types, and for most of our projects we have...

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Serecraft W14 AC - 3

General Arrangement: SECTION CL-CL SECTION CL-CL SECTION BL-3000-BL-3000 BOWRAMP, EXTENSION LIGHT MAST HYDR. CYLINDER HYDR. CYLINDER ITEM DRAW.NRO. SERECRAFT by Muutosnro/ECO Paino/Weight kg Mittakaava/Scale 0,020 A2 Laat./Drwn 19.2.2015 JEL Tark./Chkd Muutos/Change Descr. Pintakäs./Surface Treatment 4566 R&D MARINE Yleistoler./Gen. Tolerance ISO 2768-mK BOWRAMP, EXTENSION LIGHT MAST This document must not be copied without our written permission and the contents thereof must not be imparted to a third party nor be used for any unauthorized purpose, contravention will be prosecuted. Oy...

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