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BUYING ADVICE Over the decades we've tested numerous boats built by in recent years this famous Midland's based company has switched its interests to the moulding of seats and consoles for RIBs, becoming the foremost UK supplier to this growing sector Moulston, has always had a love of boats. In between expanding his range of RIB goodies he has continued to design and produce new craft, which have inevitably finished up on his traditional stand just outside the Holiday Inn at the Southampton Boat Show. We've seen a very pretty little dory, an impressive RIB (which we tested at over 60mph!) and the delightful Ranger 500 launched over What could be better than spending a relaxing afternoon pottering around in a delightful boat with an old friend? Irving Stewart reports. the past few shows. Earlier this year, during our routine spring visit to Salcombe, I had the rare and great pleasure of actually getting afloat with my old friend Bob (for the first time in years) when we spent a couple of relaxing hours pottering around the harbour and estuary in his very own personal runabout. CLASSIC LINES Bob based the Ranger 500 on a traditional West Country fishing boat, retaining the original classic lines and clinker style but laid in GRP to minimise maintenance. The boat features a deep keel to give straight line stability (and protect the prop), plus a pair of small bilge keels that prevent the craft 'falling over' when left on a mud mooring. The hull moulding is in a nice cheery blue, whilst the deck moulding is in white, very traditional! Internally the beautifully executed complex deck moulding incorporates a very neat control console, a wrap round transom seat and two comfy bow seats. It also has Treadmaster on the deck, and the hull incorporates foam filled compartments making the craft virtually unsinkable. Just in front of the console is a neat engine box, under which lurks a little 10hp Beta diesel featuring a specially engineered flywheel to add inertia, smoother running and reduced tick-over. Equally neat engine console, to port, and a small grab handle is provided atop the console in case you find the need to hang onto something. The engine box also doubles as an extra seat or a convenient table for those relaxing in the bows. From a user's point of view the little boat has been thoughtfully laid out so that it's as comfortable to stand at the helm as it is to sit back and relax with the helm within easy reach. There are cleats mounted astern, a bow roller and a really substantial centrally Please mention Boat Mart when replying to advertisements

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mounted cleat on the bows. Small side pockets cope with your personal effects, and there's stowage provided for the boathook It really is a super little boat and such a great pleasure to handle, and relax aboard, after the more hectic craft that were also on This is a beamy craft and is very stable. It also responds well to the rudder and presents absolutely no difficulty in mooring or coming alongside. In fact it's perfectly capable of being whatever you want it to be. As a family runabout, a fishing boat, a harbour craft or simply a gentleman's launch the very seaworthy Ranger 500 is as...

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