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OSCULATI-2020 - 2

Easy, fast, user-friendly Excel-compatible Best price Price lists You can copy and paste your orders directly from Excel or export your cart by a simple click. We always recommend the best quantity to order to get the lowest price. You can view your reserved price list updated in real time at any time Extensive documentation Your history Online support Your order history, both online and offline, is available to be consulted at any moment. Our chat support service is available every day, to help you make choices and advise you on the best solutions. Every day we upload new product...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 3

The Osculati family and the management team - as representative of all the company departments - together for sustainability. Sustainable re-evolution A Everybody is now talking about sustainability and the great responsibility that lies with each and every one of us. Far from being relegated to purely environmental discussions, the question now directly involves the social and economic spheres. The Sustainable Development that we hear about so often now really means thinking about present needs without compromising future needs. Setting us on this new course, in 2015 the UN drafted its...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 4

i Identity Osculati is the leading company in Italy and one among the most important companies in Europe in the marine accessory market, a safe and reliable reference point for professionals and pleasure boaters. The company, founded in 1958 as the first marine accessory retailer in Milan, has turned into an international company and exclusive and official partner of some of the major shipyards in the world. The third generation of the family, Alberto, Giorgio and Claudia Osculati is proud to support the Chairman Mario Osculati in the management of the company, with the help of the partners...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 5

Master Catalogue SDSD The product development process often starts thanks to the innovative addition that has always characterized the Osculati family and the Chairman Mario Osculati in particular. Inputs and suggestions from our customers, mainly shipyards, as well as from the sailors and boaters that work with us, trigger a process of constant development to create new solutions that fully meet any requirements. Over 7000 articles developed by the company's Design & Engineering department where a team of four engineers and designers is dedicated to the in-house development of CAD models...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 6

a In-house production An in-house production, assembly and packaging department where by 18 specialised workers produce lights, ladders, gangways, battery switches and many other products. This allows us the highest production process control by a constant check of all production steps, production time reduction and flexibility to meet our customers' requirements. Moreover thanks to a short supply chain we can be more competitive on the market. * Logistics Our marine equipment warehouse is the largest in Europe and one of the best-stocked worldwide offering over 22,000 items and goods...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 7

a Retail range Osculati offers a wide range of products whose packaging is tailored to the end user's needs. Each single detail is designed to be instantly recognizable and enhance the shop image and the product features. Blister packs Most of our small-size products are available in blister packs to be exhibited on impressive display stands. Products in blister packs have bar codes and are ready for display. Bolts and screws in blisters packs can also come with a dedicated display stand. Packaging Packaging is one of the smartest media and makes a product immediately recognizable on the...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 8

i Sustainability Osculati actively contributes to the goals of the United Nations' 2030 Agenza. All the company departments are involved in seeking to implement the various projects responsibly and sustainably. THE GLOBAL GOALSFor Sustainable DevelopmentSocial sustainability Environmental sustainability For over 10 years we've been using only 100% renewable energy. Our logistics warehouse is provided with a system supplied by geothermal and solar energy. Recyclable waste collection in our offices and warehouses. Since September 2019 our offices are plastic-free. Economical sustainability We...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 9

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OSCULATI-2020 - 10

i We are official distributors for Italy of yacMCQD Cleaning products Mente Marine Boat covers Flaps management Labcraft Lighting * these brands are not exclusively distributed by Osculati

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OSCULATI-2020 - 11

Master catalogue SOSO Anchorage and docking 01 - Anchors, rollers and compensators 02 - Windlasses and Thrusters 06 - Lines and ropes 34 - Oars Safety and maintenance 21 - Horns 22 - Liferafts, personal floatation devices and dinghies 23 - Safety harnesses and other accessories 24 - Clothing 30 - Distress signals 31 - Fire extinguishers 32 - Radar reflectors, first aid kit cases, floating anchors 65 - Insulation, cleansing agents, paints Plumbing and sanitary fixtures 15 - Showers, Manual pumps 16 - Bilge pumps, impellers, fresh water pumps 17 - Skin fittings, filters 18 - Clamps, hoses,...

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OSCULATI-2020 - 12

on - Anchors, rollers and compensators 01 - Anchors, rollers and compensators Anchoring you can rely on Here at Osculati we know how important it is to trust your anchor and rode, thats why we put our name on it.

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OSCULATI-2020 - 13

Swivelling twist joint 01.738.XX (page 18) Made of mirror polished 316 stainless steel casting, due to the shape, the anchor will always rotate into the bow roller in the correct postion. Anchor Trefoil® Available in mirror polished stainless steel or galvanised steel, having the correct balance the design allows for fast setting, and strong and reliable holding. 01 - Anchors, rollers and compensators

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