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OMER GLOBAL BUYERS GUIDE 2022 OMER 300 Rue du Vallon - Les Vaisseaux Bâtiment C - 06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis - FRANCE +33 04 22 53 26 00 Post sales Technical support: QR911830 Global Buyers Guide

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 2

SMALL STEPS TOWARDS A BIG GOAL EN Already today, we are using recycled materials for our multi-products packaging and will continue to use papers and cardboards from FSC certified forests. The transparent plastic bags, protecting our product during shipping and storage will be replaced with compostable and biodegradable organic bags. We said it, we did it. And we`re not going to stop. IT Già oggi, stiamo usando materiali riciclati per i nostri imballaggi multiprodotti e continueremo a usare carte e cartoni provenienti da foreste certificate FSC. I sacchetti di plastica trasparente che...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 4

BLADE SKIN page 40

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 6

#OMERAGAINSTPLASTIC: TWO YEARS LATER: BECOMING A GLOBAL INITIATIVE! EN A # FOR A CLEANING MISSION The #Omer Against Plastic Project has celebrated its second birthday. Since its birth, the athletes of Team Omer have contributed to cleaning up the environment. In these months we have collected about 500 kilos of plastic. We are very pleased with the results, but we know we can do more. What can you do to help us? It’s simple. Be part of our cleaning mission by collecting plastic from the bottom of the sea. Tag your photos and videos with the hashtag #omeragainstplastic and post them on your...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 7

UMBERTO PELIZZARI ITALIAN PRIDE IN THE DEEP BLUE IT ORGOGLIO ITALIANO NEL PROFONDO BLU È l’apneista italiano più famoso al mondo. Negli anni in cui è stato in attività ha stabilito tutti i record mondiali possibili nelle discipline dell’apnea in cui è cimentato: assetto costante, assetto variabile e No-Limits. La sua rivalità con il cubano Pipin Ferreras, è diventata una parte importante della storia dell’apnea. La sfida fra Pelizzari e Ferreras ha permesso di superare quelli che erano considerati, in quegli anni, i limiti fisici dell’uomo in acqua. Nel 2001 la loro rivalità è stata...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 9


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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 10

EN Velcro Closure beaver tail IT Sotto muta con chiusura in Velcro FR Sous-cutale à velcro ES La cola de castor con cierre de velcro EN High stretch IT Elevata elasticità FR Haute extensibilité ES Alto elástico EN Back zipper IT Cerniera sul retro FR Zip arrière ES Cremallera en la espalda EN Vented ear zones IT Zone d'orecchio ventilate FR Zones d'oreille ventilées ES Zonas auriculares ventiladas EN Double snap clip beaver tail IT Doppi alamari FR Sous-cutale avec double baïonnette ES Cola de castor de doble clip EN Open cell/ Lined neoprene IT Spaccato/ Foderato FR Retranché intérieur /...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 11


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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 12

EN High-performance wetsuit with photographic camouflage, ideal for spearfishing shy or vary fish The premium ultra-flexible neoprene provides excellent resistance to thinning and keeps the diver warm even after long hours in the water. Features and benefits - 3d camouflage, obtained by alternating extremely clear and blurred areas, breaks the hunters` profile in the eyes of prey. - Internal, double lined neoprene near the ears allow easier equalization by avoiding the sucker effect (vacuum around ears). - Hood equipped with drain system evacuates the air trapped in suit. IT Muta ad alte...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 13

EN Open cell smooth skin cold water wetsuit. The high resistance neoprene guarantees excellent flexibility to warmth ratio even when used daily. Caractéristiques et avantages - Ce camouflage unique est obtenu par l’alternance de parties nettes et floues, créant ainsi un véritable effet 3D - Néoprène interieur doublé au niveau des oreilles pour éviter l’effet ventouse et ne pas gêner la compensation. - Cagoule équipée d’un système de drainage permettant d’évacuer l’air emprisonné dans la combinaison. Características y beneficios - El camuflaje de alta definición difumina el punto de...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 14

EN Double lined neoprene wetsuit featuring the MIX3D camouflage. Mix 3D bifo’s combination of two different seabed photographs breaks the silhouette of the spearo in the eyes of prey and offers better camouflage. Features and Benefits - Hood with double top layer neoprene is equipped with drain system to evacuate the air trapped in suit. - New long chest reinforcement for safe loading, anti-abrasion on the knees. Features and Benefits - Double lined neoprene offers excellent thermal insulation and allows easy don/doff. - New chest reinforcement to safely allow loading of shafts. - Hood with...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 15

EN Black double lined spearo wetsuit – the top choice for those who like a strong, almost indestructible, and easy to use wetsuit. EN Double lined neoprene wetsuit featuring the MIX3D camouflage. Its combination of two different seabed photographs breaks the silhouette of the spearo in the eyes of prey and offers better camouflage. Features and Benefits - Lining on inside and outside is durable and protects from UV and Ozone. - Double lined neoprene ensures easy don/doff and no lubricants required. - Glued and blind stitched (GBS) construction for minimal water entry. IT Muta nera per pesca...

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Catalogue Omer 2022 - 16

EN W5/W6 is a professional one-piece wetsuit for freedivers of all levels, its Ultra-stretch 1.5mm neoprene offers best freedom of movement in the water. Feature and benefits - Zipper at the back and notch at the ankles for easy don/doff. - Gain extra meters in distance or depth thanks to smooth neoprene and excellent glide characteristics. - Reinforced neoprene strap zipper and bellows collar prevent water ingress. FR Fabriquée en néoprène de densité moyenne, avec une doublure en nylon flexible améliorant le confort et la durabilité. Cette combinaison est disponible en combo taille haute...

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