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Will your family remember standing in line at another mall sale? Or the way the sun looked when it glistened off your lawn mower? Will family stories ever spring from a TV remote? Will you remember yet another three-hour business meeting? Or will you ever forget the absence of sound? Or how cool water feels as it rolls off your paddle and across your hands? Or when the weight of the world on your shoulders is reduced to the weight of a canoe or kayak? Life is a journey. And it's a lot more fun on the water. Old Town provides the vehicle to connect back to the most important things in life....

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How can you improve a centuries-old design? In lots of ways, it turns out. We started from scratch with the new Saranac family of canoes and, by modifying the shape and slightly lowering the seats we have developed a model that paddles better than most recreational canoes on the market. The Saranac features two contoured seats plus a bench seat perfect for smaller passengers. The center bench also includes a covered storage compartment, while bow and stern seats incorporate a variety of extras including cup holders, rod holders and storage trays designed to add convenience and versatility...

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The Guide represents a breakthrough in design and construction, ultimately offering a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. With its unique beamy cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide delivers exceptional stability. And its sharp entry provides surprisingly efficient tracking. Let the Guide show you the way on your next family outing. Contoured seats with adjustable backrests Hull Characteristics BOTTOM: Shallow arch SIDES: Straight with chines ROCKER: Moderate Vinyl gunwales Three layer polyethylene Three layer polyethylene ^Outfitter web seat layup also available. We first...

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Charles River "Very steady, combining beauty in outline with speed and ease of paddling." That's how Old Town's 1903 catalog described our then-new Charles River canoe, and we believe those words ring just as true today. Enjoy yesterday's classic design with contempo- rary materials that provide performance and lightweight durability. The Camper is lightweight, easy to maneuver and built to put both parents and kids at ease with its on-the-water stability. Its Royalex® construction makes this all-purpose canoe a durable favorite with the family. You'll have a bunch of happy campers with the...

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Pack & Pack Angler There's enough versatility packed into the 12-foot, 33-pound Pack to keep it going from dawn to dusk. Made of tough, lightweight Royalex®, it's so light that anyone who can paddle solo can carry it. The Pack goes where other canoes can't and is well-suited for a double-bladed paddle. Contoured seat /Removable work deck anchor system Vinyl gunwales Hull Characteristics BOTTOM: Flat SIDES: Straight ROCKER: Minimum Osprey & Osprey Angler A great choice if you're looking for a lightweight, stable canoe with excellent durability. Easy to handle both in and out of the water, an...

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With maximum rocker for excellent maneuverablity in Whitewater, and flared ends for dryness and buoyancy, you'll be impressed with this 16-foot river runner. The shallow arch hull offers great initial and secondary stability, both solo or tandem paddlers will appreciate its quick response and tight handling in conditions up to Class III. It's also a great choice for those heading for the hills with lots of gear. Vinyl gunwales Hull Characteristics BOTTOM: Shallow arch SIDES: Flared ROCKER: Maximum Go ahead and load it down - that's exactly what this wilderness workhorse was designed for! A...

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Otter Series The Otters are Old Town's solution for affordable family water fun. Not only are they very stable and easy to maneuver, their large cockpits allow for easy entry and exit. Solo paddlers will appreciate the light weight of the Otter Plus, making them easy to car top and carry. • Adjustable & Comfortable Seat • Adjustable Foot Braces • Paddle Keeper OTTER PLUS TWIN OTTER Vapor Series This sporty kayak offers a stable, efficient and comfortable ride. Base models go way beyond the basics. XT models include a cover for the day well and an extremely comfortable seating system. •...

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The time-tested Dirigo is beloved for its friendly, easy-to-paddle nature. A roomy cockpit and excellent initial stability make this family a perfect choice for almost anyone. Plenty of room combined with creature comforts make the Dirigo an excellent kayak for those just learning to paddle. The new Click Seal hatch is like none other. Easy to access, easy to use... just one quick click and your gear is secure. • Click Seal Hatch with Bulkhead - New! • Durable Three Layer Construction • Glove Box Hatch for Cell Phone, Keys • Safety Perimeter Line and Deck Bungee • Thigh Pads & Adjustable...

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Sophistication doesn't have to mean high dollar: We loaded the Camden family with a richness of features from a smooth planing hull that will astound you with its speed to storage solutions that will impress you with their smarts. The Camden comes with a dashboard that's unsurpassed for organization, hinged Click Seal hatches, and the super-comfortable Active Comfort System (ACS) seat. • Active Comfort System (ACS) Seat • Click Seal Hatch with Bulkhead - New! • ACS Dual Fit Thigh Braces - New! • Deck Bungee • Paddle Keepers > Adjustable Foot Braces > Intuitive Dashboard Features Small...

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Camden Angler Series NEW; Anglers take notice. Fishing never felt so comfortable. The Camden features the Active Comfort System (ACS) seat and plenty of room in the cockpit. The Click Seal hatch and dashboard provide smart storage solutions that are easy to access. The anchor trolley, flush-mounted rod holders and the Cannon rod holder will help you catch the big one... or at least be comfortable and have fun while trying. • Active Comfort System (ACS) Seat • Click Seal Hatch with Bulkhead - New! • ACS Dual Fit Thigh Braces - New! • Intuitive Dashboard Features Small Hatch, Rod Holder Mount...

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