USV LE2000 for Oceangraphic Survey


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USV LE2000 for Oceangraphic Survey - 1

Unmanned Oceanographic Survey Boat Product Description Application Oceanographic Survey Bathymetry Maritime search-recuse Equipment Deployment Hull design and propulsion system Navigation radar Ultrasonic probe AIS (Automatic Identification System) Forward looking sonar Deep “V” hull design for stable cruising Single/Multi beam, side scan sonar Compass, GPS navigator Monitoring camera Sensing camera Obstacle avoidance radar Watertight bulkhead Water jet propulsion Universal instrument well Diesel engin

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USV LE2000 for Oceangraphic Survey - 2

Technical Parameters Full load displacement Load draught Maximum speed Communication range Video/data>30 km (LTE) Video 8km / data 10 km (point to point) Configuration Checklist Forward looking sonar Monitoring camera Communication module:GFSK Sensing camera Intelligent Remote controller Obstacle avoidance radar Base station and long distance control platform Remote controller Automatic survey and data storage Real time survey monitoring Measurement data process Base station Support framework Automatic trajectory planning Survey mission playback Easy operation and user friendly interface...

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