USV ESM30 for Water Quality Sampling & Monitoring


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Autonomous Water sampling and monitoring boat DISCOVER MORE OF OUR WATER ENVIRONMENT Autonomous operation Water sampling and monitoring Yunzhou autonomous water sampling and monitoring boat is specially designed for environmental work, compatible with different brand water quality sonde make it a perfect tool to get water quality information in a safe and efficient way. ● Standardized water sampling ● Online water quality monitoring ● Emergency fast response and pollution tracking ● Water quality mapping Product highlights Intelligent waypoint navigation ● Pollution source tracking Autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance Powerful data output and mapping function 10km data and 5km video transmission with real time monitoring 10 hours power endurance Compatible with popular water

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USV ESM30 for Water Quality Sampling & Monitoring - 2

SPECIFICATION Autonomous water sampling and monitoring High strength Fiber Reinforced Plastic Yellow / Customized Power supply Electrical Dimensions Physical 14.8v High Power Lithium Polymer Battery Video Communication Control System RF point-to-point WIFI Communication 10km Rang Yellow-White / Customized Integrated outboard motor TJ30 Integrated outboard motor TJ70 Obstacle avoidance Detect obstacle within 10m Model Anti-sink Navigation mode Auto / Manual Control mode Handheld terminal 10 hours (2 m/s) Remote controller Base station Sampling capacity: 8L Water sampling Water sample depth:...

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