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SE40 WATER SAMPLING & MONITORING BOAT SE40 is a multi-function autonomous boat platform integrated with a 4-bottle water sampler system. It can carry multi instruments such as water probes for water quality monitoring, echo sounder for bathymetry survey, and ADCP for river discharge measurement. The Standard SE40 includes: -USV platform with water sampler system -Remote controller -USV control software -A moon pool ready to integrate multi payloads Multi-parameter probe for online water quality monitoring Export sampling report and water quality map Automatic water sampling up to 4 × 1.8 L Integrated water sampler User-friendly software for USV control and monitoring

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SE40-OceanAlpha - 2

SPECIFICATIONS Dimension Hull Material Carbon fiber composite(Optional GRP) Communication Range Remote control:1km ; Data telemetey: 2km Maximum Speed Battery Life Electric water-jet Sampling Capacity Sampling Depth Collision Avoidance Millimeter wave radar Temperature, PH, ODO, Conductivity, BGA-PE, Chlorophyll, Turbidity, ORP, Salinity, etc. APPLICATION The client uses SE40 USV to integrate with YSI EXO2s multi-parameter probe to monitor water quality in a lagoon. A single-beam echo sounder was installed for the bathymetry survey. Water samples were taken and water quality monitoring data...

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