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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog


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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 2

WE WERE ALL BORN FROM THE SEA. Maybe that's why we're so irresistibly As soon as we're immersed in it, once again we turn to breathe we feel we're back to our true natural setting. In our every effort, every thought, every dream, the sea finds its way. We yearn to be back in it to better observe it, to admire its grandness, always with new eyes. it and to share its wonders with our To be back in it to imbue new life to the very place that's been witness underwater, naturally.

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 3


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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 4

OCEAN REEF has more than 60 years of experience molding rubber goods and working in several different markets: • Fashionable rubber, silicone, plastic, & multi-compound watch components • Military protection equipment • Respiratory PPE • Molding of silicone, liquid silicone, rubber, plastic, and thermoplastic goods • Engineering and manufacturing of molds for rubber/silicone plastic and thermo rubber Full face masks and underwater communication systems for diving application. The Ocean Reef Group factories are in Genoa, Italy (Mestel Safety S.r.L - 50,000 sq. ft.) and San Diego, California,...

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 5

During more than 60 years of involvement in the diving industry, OCEAN REEF has learned the importance of professional and commercial diving in the industry. Whatever the type of diving, most commercial and professional divers require a high-tech, durable, efficient, safe, and comfortable diving system. OCEAN REEF has developed a full face mask (integrated diving mask and regulator, or IDM) with underwater communications; a system that easily accomplishes all requirements for such demanding conditions and embraces different worlds to give divers the best solution to all their needs. The IDM...

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 6

WHY DIVE AN OCEAN REEF IDM ( INTEGRATED DIVING MASK ) JAW FATIGUE • Nothing to bite on. • Frees mouth to communicate, drink. • Enables nose breathing. FOGGING • No product treatment needed • No fogging thanks to the air circulation system. MASK PRESSURE EQUALIZATION • Breathing apparatus integrated into the mask means automatic pressure equalization at each inspiration. FLOODING • Face seal as explained later. • Breathing inside the mask automatically purges water through the draining/exhalation valve if water were to be inside the mask for any reason. When voluntarily flooding the mask, a...

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 7

3D EQUALIZATION SYSTEM • Patented design. • 3 way directional adjustment system: up/down, wide/ narrow, close/far. Made for maximum comfort and nose breathing. • Pushing the mask towards the face when needed causes the plugs to create a nasal seal. AIR CIRCULATION • Air circulation is achieved with an orinasal pocket so that CO2 build-up is not mixed with fresh air. • One-way circulation keeps mask clear. SURFACE AIR VALVE • Easy to grab, sturdy design. • Large air vents. • Allows IDM divers to breath ambient air when at the surface, without having to take off the mask. DIRECTIONAL EXHAUST...

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 8

• The IDMs are CE certified with this, high performance and balanced diaphragm first stage with anti-freeze kit. • Adjustable intermediate pressure. • Made of chrome plated brass, with a stainless steel piston and spring, and a Teflon seat. • Standard yoke connection 232 bar (3364 Psi). • 2 high-pressure ports 7/16-20 UNF. • Flow rate of approx. 4800 l/m at 140 bar. SL35TX DIN (code 9923) • Same features as previous. • Screw connection at 300 bar (4500 Psi).

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 9

Packaging may vary in accordance to model Padded zipper bag designed to hold your underwater equipment (mask, communication, first stage). SL35TX Nitrox M26x2 (code OR009927) • Same as previous. • Threading in accordance with Euro rules. • Viton O-rings and Christo lube grease. • Compatible with Nitrox mixes up to 100%. Packaging may vary in accordance to model (Tdivers). 1st stage LP hose. Visor protection. User’s manual. Screw driver. Equalization extensions 3 two pieces sets (6,10, 14 mm). IDM diver registration card and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 10

IDMS ( INTEGRATED DIVING MASK SYSTEMS ) SPACE EXTENDER EXTENDER FRAMES ES INCLUD ! TH E KIT Black S/M size OR025102 M/L size OR025103 Orange M/L size OR025105 Yellow M/L size OR025104

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 11

EXTEND YOUR IDMS! EXTEND YOUR FIELD OF VISION You can explore the oceans snorkeling. Or, you can dive with an Integrated Diving Mask System, the full-face masks from OCEAN REEF that integrate a breathing system and countless accessories. Today, IDMS reach their evolutionary pinnacle: the Space Extender, an upgrade to superior comfort, performance and versatility The exceptional vision of the Space Extender is created by the largest fi eld of vision on the market, and by the breathing system that assures a fog free dive. EXTEND YOUR COMFORT EXTEND YOUR SENSE OF WARMTH Mother nature taught us...

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 12

The Space Extender is ready to extend your scuba activities to whatever you want: not only can you communicate with your buddies during the dive, thanks to the MHA2 support and the new improved NACS, but it’s also equipped to mount up to 3 sport cameras (or similar systems) and a lot of free surface area to drill and customize to your needs. Black OR025040 Yellow OR025041 Orange OR025042 Green OR025043 White OR025044 CAMERA/DIVING TOOLS SUPPORT Versatile supports with clicking, 30 degree angle rotation, to attach whatever you need to your Space Extender.

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2016 OCEAN REEF Professional Line Catalog - 13

MHa2 adapter For use with OCEAN REEF’s GSM Gpower SL earphone comm unit. STREAM LINED extend your color palette EXTENDER FRAME Black OR025050 Yellow OR025051 Orange OR025052 Green OR025053 White OR025054 You want to customize your IDM? Customize the style, or maybe just have a couple more surfaces to drill and mess with a little, experimenting with new ways to streamline your set up? Extender Frames are available sold separately as well, in all 5 colors. You just have to mount it on your IDMS with a click. 13

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