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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog


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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 2

A NEW GENERATION OF DIVERS IS COMING! THE ... The world is changing and global communication is evolging this incredible change in our daily lives. The way of diving is going to change too with the introduction of safe, sophisticated and affordable new gears. G.divers line is a new high performance and stylish OCEAN REEF family of products. It has been designed for recreational diving, underwater teaching and guiding and to improve safety and human interaction during a dive. Be an explorer, be adventurous, be a responsible diver with the new G.divers line from OCEAN REEF! G.divers LINE...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 3

WHY DIVE AN OCEAN REEF IDM q w • Nothing to bite on. • Frees mouth to communicate, drink. • Enables nose breathing. • No product treatment needed • No fogging thanks to the air circulation system. Mask pressure equalization e • Breathing apparatus integrated into the mask means automatic pressure equalization at each inspiration. Flooding • Face seal as explained later. • Breathing inside the mask automatically purges water through the draining/exhalation valve if water were to be inside the mask for any reason. When voluntarily flooding the mask, a couple purges of the second stage button...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 4

WHY DIVE AN OCEAN REEF IDM Durability and scratch resistance • Transparent polycarbonate visor made in Italy. • Both sides are coated in siloxane resin for improved scratch and chemical resistance. • Impact resistance tested by STANAG 4296 standards: impact of a steel ball traveling at 540 kph (335 mph). Head harness and Fast Rotating Buckle II • Head harness attached to the face shield not on the skirt meaning no tearing and much better resistance to tugging. • Six straps meaning no risk of losing reg if unconscious (much greater chance of surviving such an event) or violently hit. • Wide...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 5

Space G.divers nept cobalt cobalt emerald emerald white white pink pink small/medium medium/large small/medium edium/large m small/medium medium/large small/medium medium/large

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 6

1st STAGE SL35TX The Neptune Space G.divers is available with a 1st stage (sold separately). The SL35TX high performance, 1st stage has a balanced diaphragm with anti-freeze kit. It has an adjustable intermediate pressure and is made of brass with a plated chromed finish body, stainless steel piston, Teflon seat, and stainless steel spring. It is available with the following characteristics: > 2 high pressure ports 7/16 -20 UNF > 4 low pressure ports 3/8-24 UNF > Flow rate of approx. 4800 l/m at 140 bars Standard yoke connection 200 bar or DIN connection 300 bar SL35TX INT (code 9922)...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 7

Magnetic switch Swivel Connection (code 33033) Made of chromium plated brass, this device allows freer movement when attached to the second stage. The swivel connection can be used in conjunction with the quick connect hose. Neptune Mask Measuring Kit (code 33075) For determining mask size, this kit contains the following items: > Measuring tool (caliper) > Full face mask size recommendation chart > Measuring instructions Octopus port It is possible to connect an octopus to the Neptune Space G.divers thanks to a special adapter that allows the user to install a majority of conventional 2nd...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 8

Underwater communication units Since the beginning of SCUBA diving, divers have wanted to talk to each other underwater. So far, the only feasible systems for audio communication have been available only to commercial divers. Unfortunately, these systems were also complicated, cumbersome, and expensive. However, OCEAN REEF has designed a communication system which is easy to use, lightweight, and within a recreational diver’s budget. The OCEAN REEF underwater communication system adds a whole new dimension to dive safety and enjoyment by connecting divers with each other and with partners...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 10

The underwater communication allows a great evolution of the diving activity and an outstanding improvement of the underwater instruction and education. Besides, the underwater communication is also making the diving activity safer and more enjoyable. The new GSM G.divers transceiver (high performance communication system) expands the diver’s ability to communicate with others verbally. The ultrasonic transceiver boasts the autonomy of approximately 30 hours in receiving mode, a range of operation of 200-250 meters (calm sea water), lightweight and sleek design. It is a powerful, single...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 11

M101A G.divers (code 33107) The M101A G.divers is a receive-only unit operating on one channel. The M101A fits on any conventional mask strap or full face mask models. It might be held and shared by more divers thanks to the high quality speaker. The M101A’s reception is so strong that, infact, it is not always necessary to attach it to the mask strap. A diver may hold the unit or attach it to a BC, allowing other divers to listen to the transmission (dependent upon environmental conditions and distance). The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water. The M101A uses a 9V...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 12

Neptune System Training Program The Neptune System Training Program (NSTP) is designed to teach the safe usage of OCEAN REEF full face masks and underwater communication system. A large section is dedicated to the proper education of how to communicate underwater with an innovative training system to make the team members more efficient and understandable while communicating. The program has been developed by the R&D department of OCEAN REEF with the support of Course Directors, Instructor Trainers and Instructors around the world. OCEAN REEF can also provide educational material for...

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2015 G-DIVERS Catalog - 14

G.divers kit idm+GSM G.divers Talk to your students. Keep them comfortable. Keep them entertained. Brief them underwater again and again. Correct their excercises. Benefit from a safer learning environment. Turnover your classes quicker AND with a more knowledgable student! Benefit from a safer learning environment. Turnover your classes quicker AND with a more knowledgable student! Teach better. Certify better divers.

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