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ce>can Oc3t-c3 =HjE>te>m Marine Electronics Solutions Another way to experience your voyage at sea!

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From the simplest to the most powerful system, From the small day boat to the Mega Yacht, whether you are racing, cruising or yachting, single-handed or full crew, ... UpSideUp offers a comprehensive and relevant range of services while ensuring ease of use. Three versions (Easy, Master, SuperYacht) are available depending on the project requirements, all of which can be configured according to the user's needs, sailing programme, boat specs and budget (choice of options, sensors, actuators). Simple and autonomous for small multihulls. Push button -> The UpSideUp Easy version has been...

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UpSideUp Super Yacht - 3

Typical data triggers : • Heel, pitch, • Standing and running rigging loads, • Wind speed and wind speed gradient, • Water depth, • Man Overboard detector, • Obstacles,... More widely, • Any analogue sensor, • Any device providing an electrical signal, • Any NMEA data. Function behavior and thresholds can be easily modified by the user via ControlCenter Thanks to its numerous input options, UpSideUp collects a variety of data and signals, which are continuously analyzed. These variables and signals are monitored in the ControlCenter by means of comprehensive and efficient numerical and...

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Setup, Monitoring, Control ControlCenter software : system and user settings, monitoring, Personnalised user interface ControlCenter and Remote displays Wireless Remote control : sails dump, MOB command External push button(s) input : sails dump, MOB command,... Remote display Function keys on main unit front panel Personalised UpSideUp unit front panel Anti-Capsize function : Heel and Pitch triggering Load limiter function : Rig and structure loads triggering Man Over Board management Collision course management (AIS - OSCAR) Wind and depth triggering : TWS, TWA, Gradient TWS, Depth Other...

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