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Ocean Data System E T h e b e s t w a y t o s a i l f a s t e r a n d f u r t h e r, s e r e n e l y Thanks to its mul ple possibili es, UpSideUp Master is an essen al safety solu on A wide range of func ons and advanced control: An “à la carte” configura on for racing and cruising sailing boats • • • • • • An -capsize func on - Heeling and pitch poling limiter Control of the loads in the running and standing rigging Advanced Man Overboard func on Management of cri cal situa ons ( collision, shallows, wind gusts) Flooding detec on Mul -alarm management Data logging And many other possibili es on request...

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User friendly so ware “UpSideUp ControlCenter” for monitoring and setup 2 release profiles and user changeable sensibility Connec on of the electro-mechanical actuators on 6 direct relay outputs and on CAN bus Autopilot control for heel regula on and emergency stop Dedicated network for flooding sensors and detectors spread in the boat Management of the sailing contexts “upwind” / “downwind” and “windward” / “leeward” UpSideUp events/data logging to improve setup and post processing Advanced tuning of the triggers thresholds and filtering Preven ve alarm (3 levels) before release ac ons...

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