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Typical Output devices Ocean Data System Solenoid valve Rewind winch BCAM Captive reel winch Autopilot Remote display UpSideUp was developed in partnership with Lionel Lemonchois and the trimaran Prince de Bretagne. Ocean Data System Our commitment and dedication is to constantly innovate and improve cutting-edge technology wrapped in clever electronics and mechanical systems specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. 25 years of experience sailing and working with the most demanding crews Design: Ocean Data System 11/2015 — Non-contractual document, supplied equipment and services can be changed without prior notice. Cannot be modified or reproduced without the written consent of Ocean Data System. E LECTRONIC MARINE SOLUTIONS A multipurpose safety solution for racing, cruising and yachting for any multihulls and yachts A reliable crew member bringing safety serenity performance UpSide Up standa main and rd feat ures Anti-capsize function Rig control and monitoring Heeling and pitch poling control system Load limitation on the sheets and the rig Alarm management system Flooding detection Man Overboard Recovery assistance Critical situations management (Collision, Shallow, Wind gusts) Advanced Data Logging Multifunction Programmable Logic Controller

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Wireless remote control From the simplest to the most powerful system, whether you are racing, cruising or yachting single-handed or full crew, UpSideUp fits your project tpSidedp EASY tpSidedp MASTER Simple and autonomous - For small multihulls . Anti-capsize function - Heeling and nose-diving limiter Or . Load limitation on the rigging Extensive functions and advanced control: an a la carte configuration for racing and cruising multihulls. . Anti-capsize function - Heeling and nose-diving limiter . Load limitation on the rigging . Management of critical situations (Man Overboard,...

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