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An extended range of release snap-shackles with advanced features • Remote release Design : Ocean Data System 11/2015 - Non contractual document: all informa on and illustra ons are subject to change without prior no ce. Can not be altered or reproduced without • Manual release • Load measurement • Swivel TEPSS Snap shackles with Remote-controlled opening and load measurement • The three sizes available are derived from Tylaska® T8, T20 and T30 snap shackles and therefore inherit all their mechanical strength specifica ons. • Open under load, triggered manually or remotely by a compressed air pulse, itself controlled by an electrical signal (12/24 VDC or 110vac/220 VAC). • The load cell op on enables con nuous measurement of the strength of the rope (T20 and T30 only). • Remote triggering uses pneuma c energy from a rechargeable compressed air tank, which can be inflated with a bicycle pump or automa cally kept under pressure using a compressor. Examples of common applica ons : • Sailing : Mainsail sheet’s, Self tacking jib sheet, boomvang, ... • Man overboard unit. • Other sports ac vi es. • Industry, handling, crash tests… • Towing,.

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Manual Quick release Pneumatic hose 4 Pneumatic unit with compressor 0-5 vdc, 0-10 vdc or 4 - 20 mA analogue signal Can Bus compliant TEPSS range Environmental features Pneumatic features Do not use The ODS Developments products for human suspension, unless product is specifically certified and labelled for such use. Ocean Data S ystem 3 Ter Rue Roger Salengro 56100 Lorient - France Tel : +33 2 97 87 92 65 Contact our sales team info@oceandatasystem.com www.oceandatasystem.com

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