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Ocean Data System E LECTRONIC MARINE SOLUTIONS Wireless link - Bluetooth® Extended range of sensors and op ons Quick & easy setup Ultra-compact and lightweight Sends live data to the TenSeaZy® app to your phone, your instruments or any ODS controllers • Numerous op ons available to suit your exact requirements BE SMART & SIMPLE !! Wireless load sensors TEPSS LCW is part of the TenSeaZy® solution … Many a achment ends op ons • A achment fi ngs from Tylaska® range • Threaded stud or custom parts for direct a achment to miscellaneous hardware • Various so a achments ... 3 sizes - 3 opera ng strengths • LCW20 : 2T - LCW45 : 4.5T - LCW70 : 7T • Custom capacity available on request … Range up to 90m (290+) line of sight • Typical 15m (50 ) on a boat • Bluetooth® Low Energy … Long las ng wireless charging ba ery • No cable, no connector, no ba ery swap. • Just put it on the Qi charger • Excep6onal autonomy between ba ery charging … Very robust but lightweight • Titanium body … Mul ple data reading and processing solu ons • TenSeaZy App on Smartphone or Tablet for hands -on measurement Extensive configura6on with one or more TenSeaZy sensors to one or more receivers/processing devices… • Data logger : TenSeaZy® logger • UpSideUp® or Sailin’ctrl® controllers with their advanced ControlCenter so wares

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ATTACHMENT OPTIONS MAXIMUM OPERATING FORCE LCW20 : Max Working Load 20kN - Max Breaking load 36kN (3.6T) LCW45 : Max Working Load 45kN - Max Breaking load 90kN (9T) LCW70 : Max Working Load 70kN - Max Breaking load 136kN(13.6T) Tylaska® T08-T20-T30 Standard bail - swivel Tylaska® T08-T20-T30 Large bail - swivel Tylaska® T08-T20-T30 Clevis bail - swivel Tylaska® T08-T20-T30 Snap Shackle no swivel DATA TRANSMIT Data rate : 7 user changeable rates from 1 sample every 25 seconds to 10 samples per second Design : Ocean Data System 11/2019 - Non contractual document: all information and...

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