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Ocean Data System E LECTRONIC MARINE SOLUTIONS Navigation Data Recorder The simplest and smartest solution to collect navigation parameters and activity information on board cruising boats or racing yachts. Like the black boxes on board aircrafts, NDR enables accident investigators to hold an inquiry and discover the real causes of maritime incidents. NDR is particularly suitable for :     Yacht builders' customer services in order to manage the after sales incidents (warranty), Managers of charter fleets, Ship owners who need to entrust a boat to a crew (super yachts, chartering, delivery...), Architects and technical managers who want to organize a measurement campaign very simply and cost effectively. Load cells NDR comes either as a stand alone device or as an external UpSideUp module, adding an advanced logging function. Both devices share data through one unique CAN bus cable. NDR is suitable to either a permanent installation or for a one-shot use (occasional chartering or deliveries - measurement campaigns).

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Features As soon as the boats starts sailing, NDR continuously records the on-board activity. It is able to keep several weeks of data, according to the logging configuration. As well as continuous recording, a contextual recording can be set up to keep a full history of the atypical sailing conditions and traceable events during the whole life of the vessel. Other logging can be setup such Max reached value, Sails configuration history or any other purpose. NDR is available with a comprehensive range of equipment interfaces, including NMEA183, NMEA2000, CAN Bus, analogue and digital...

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