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Wireless Technology TELEMETRY and LOAD MEASUREMENT Wireless transmission, Quick and easy to implement, Sensor range and options, Unlimited connectivity and data usage possibilities, High measurement accuracy, Large battery life, Highly configurable to your needs, Compact, lightweight, very low power consumption. A relevant alternative to wired sensors Improved sealing and reliability: No weaknesses due to the cable. No risk of moisture ingress. Sufficient battery life for most applications. Eco-designed and produced in Brittany/France Durable - Repairable - Reconditionable - Recyclable

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Ultra-compact for all purposeA very large range of standard wireless loadcells TensEazy E-Sense.SL (Soft Link) On-line integration Running rigging Soft attachments TensEazy E-Sense.TB (Turnbuckle) On-line integration on hardware components echanichal attachment Replace existing turnbucles Standard threads Custom made load sensors Integration of the TensEazy module in stressed mechanical parts. Optimization of dimensions and mechanical behavior. Mechanical specifications TensEasy standard loadcells dcells POWER SUPPLY - CHARGING - AUTONOMY Common features LOAD DATA - PRECISION Accuracy over...

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The TenSeaZy® App interface creates uncluttered dashboards for hands-on measurement on Smartphones or Tablets • Displays the current load, max and min values or other expressions from many math functions • 2 configurable threshold values for coloured warning indicators • Highly configurable dashboards : Numeric, gauge, bar graph, indicator, historical trend • Support many sensors • Basic recording of displayed data and *.csv export • Access to advanced sensor settings • Android and IPhone compatible The TensEazy gateway allows the load data received to be fed into most navigation...

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Unlimited connectivity Direct wireless connection to ... • an Android or iOS smartphone and tablet running the TensEazy app, • a Windows-Linux-macOS PC running a monitoring interface built with ODxI, • any controller from the ODS range, UoSitiaUa Sun Suntt u! • the TensEasy Gateway. Indirect connection to most marine electronic brands throught the TensEazy Gateway or the ODS controllers. B&G Safety Warning System TensEazy is obviously compatible with the B&G's alert function, which allows you to see briefly whether you are sailing safely (green), approaching the limit (orange) or exceeding...

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