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Ocean Data System E L EC T RON IC M AR IN E SO LU T ION S Using the great Constrictor® features, The ECB range offers a range of additional features : • • • Remote release operation thanks to the electropneumatic actuator Measurement of the load applied to the rope Possibilities of arrangement of the ECB modules between them for an homogeneous and optimized deck layout UpSideUp • Integrate the full Cousin-Trestec Constrictor® slot-in range: for the 6 to 14mm diameters ropes. • Keeps the mechanical specifications of the Constrictor®. • The various elements are designed to be effectively stackable and joinable together and freely changeable. • As an option, the 10/12/14 base integrates a loadcell to measure the load applied to the rope. Fit the ECB modules according to your requirements and deck layout. Secure the equipment and crew thanks to the automatic remote release of sails sheets. Measure easily and continuously the load applied on the held ropes. • The release of the rope can be done manually or by a remote command, thanks to the pneumatic actuator. The ECB solution, associated with the Constrictor® system, brings a real alternative to the traditional jammers. It meets the designers and users requirements, with today’s qualitative criteria: • Simplicity and High technology • Lightness and reduction of the overall footprint • Flexibility and integration • Easy manipulation and security • Automation and remote control • Loading feedback to t

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The Ocean Data System's engineers can help you to define the best configuration suiting your project. They can propose you to design and produce custom modules according to your requirements Do not use The ODS Developments products for human suspension, unless product is specifically certified and labelled for such use. Contact our sales team Design : Ocean Data System 10/2016 - Non contractual document: all information and illustrations are subject to change without prior notice. Can not be altered or reproduced without Ocean Data System’s...

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