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Visi-Plus Light Extra cord Visi-Plus Light Extra chain Visi-Plus Light Extra Visi-Plus sunscreens are used for clear and safe vision in • Using film with special advantages situations where sunshine an glare from outside need to be • Reject up to 94.9% of the total solar energy countered. Visi-Plus light extra is a simple solution for a • Gives a better view by sunny or misty weather standard rolling system, which is easy to install. Because of • Create daytime privacy using a fixing strip there are more mounting options. The • Reduce eye straining glare while maintaining the full light extra is ready for assembly no tensioning is needed this is done in the factory. • Stop 99% of the harmful fade-causing ultraviolet rays, • Retain interior heat, similar to a second pane of glass Simple solution for standard rolling system • Reduce air conditioning costs Several types of operations available • Improve living and working environmental conditions protecting all interior furnishings from sun damage Cord guided with a strong tension spring Chain guided with a synthetic chain Electrical guided with a battery Brel motor Maximum width of 3.5 meters Maximum dropdown of 3.5 meters Two mounting brackets The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject

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Control options • Manual Cord guided (CRD) • Manual Chain guided (CH) • Electrical Motor guided (ES or EB) Type motor • ES = motor 28 WT Somfy • EB = motor MLE 25 Brel All control options can be ordered left- or right side. Data summary Maximum sunscreen dimension • Width 3500mm • Length 3500mm Window types Film specifications • Visible light transm. 8.3% • Visible light refl. 8% • Solar energy refl. 22.4% Film and screen width • Manual cord guided (CRD) - 16mm • Manual chain guided (CH) - 16mm • Electrical motor guided (E) - 18mm Compliance The sunscreens comply with international rules...

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