OMC-422 Multi Plate anti Radiation Shield


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OMC-422 Multi Plate anti Radiation Shield - 1

OMC-422 with OMC-406 probe mounted on a pole OMC-422 Multi Plate anti Radiation Shield Introducing the new range of Radiation Shields, designed to house temperature and humidity probes and protect them Accuracy comparable to Stevenson Screens from the heating effects of solar radiation and direct Less sensitive to rainfall exposure to rain and snow. Improved protection against wind blown precipitation Secure sensor installation with stable mounting The design of the shield has a white outer reflective surface combined with an inner barrier of non-reflective, black louvres. This prevents sunlight and reflected radiation Durable UV stable plastic reaching the sensor whilst still allowing air to flow across the sensor. This design is based on the Stevenson Screen which is now established as an industry standard and sold to National Meteorological Services worldwide. The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prio

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OMC-422 Multi Plate anti Radiation Shield - 2

Specifications • Double louvred high impact thermoplastic • White external layer, with U.V. stabiliser for long-term • Weather resistance • Extra black internal layer • Aluminium arm with durable white powder coating • A4 grade (316), stainless steel 'V' bolt, and securing • Nuts to fit a pole of between 25-51 mm diameter • Black acetal plastic locating clamp Accuracy In conditions of high solar radiation and wind speeds less than 1 m/s the readings were compared with an aspirated shield. RAD 02 Large version: +0.5 °C These errors are less than half those recorded from other similar shields...

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