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OMC-408 stainless steel measuring probe with sintered filter For Zone 0/20 Datasheet OMC-408 Ex Temperature and humidity Transmitter Obviously every engineer tries to keep measurement devices beyond hazardous areas, on plants, ships, LNG Explosion protection classes (gas and dust): jetties and offshore objects. However, sometimes this is not possible. While choosing the best location for meteorological and hydrological sensors it is sometimes required putting these in hazardous areas. Observator’s wide range of MetOcean sensors can also be supplied as Ex sensors, nowadays supplied with required ATEX The OMC-408 Temperature humidity sensor is the Ex Interchangeable intrinsically safe stainless steel probe Suitable for offshore environments Operates as loop powered (10-28VDC)2 wire 4..20 mA version of the popular OMC-406 sensor. It consists of a temperature and humidity transmitter probe and transmitter for safe and accurate measurement of Standard with 2m cable, on request 5 or 10m temperature and humidity in Zone 0 and 1. Housing protection grade IP66 The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change wit

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General The OMC-408 is a dual-channel meter for precise humidity and temperature measurement in an explosive atmosphere, where an ex classification is required. lt consists of a probe and transmitter. The connected sensor is encapsulated in a stainless steel sensor tube and is designed for use in Zone 0/20. The transmitter itself is only designed for use in Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22. The transmission signal is composed of two two-channel current loop interfaces, where the signal is formed in an accurate flow of each 4 to 20 mA. Between the measurement circuit on the secondary side and the...

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