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Datasheet OMC-212-2 Rain Gauge with heating Features • Rugged and corrosion resistant construction • Low friction, non-seizing bucket bearings • Gold plated bucket for minimal retention • Dual reed switch output • Stable calibration • Built-in bubble level • Optional self-powered internal counter • Unheated version OMC-210-2 Applications • General meteorology • Water resources studies • Hydrology • Flood warning systems • Automatic logging systems • Remote and long term logging The OMC-212-2 rain gauge is an instrument used to measure rainfall. It is designed and constructed for longterm operation with minimal maintenance under almost all climatic conditions. All materials used are corrosion resistant. The OMC-212-2 may be mounted at ground level on a level slab or on the optional stand which elevates the collection rim to 1 meter above ground level. Other heights are available to order. The measurement principle is based on a 'tipping bucket'. Each tip is detected by a magnet briefly closing a Reed contact. The 'tips' (closures of the Reed contacts) can be counted by an optional counter or data logger. The rain gauge does not need power, except for heating. The OMC-212-2 rain gauges can also be supplied with siphon control which is better suited to heavy rainfall areas. An unheated version, the OMC-210-2, is also available. The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prior notice

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Collector 400 cm2 ± 1 cm2 surface Resolutions 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm Precipitation Operating: heavy rain, hail or snow Storage: accumulation of up 15 mm of freezing precipitation accompanied by wind gusts of 100 km/hr ± 3% over 25 mm/hr to 100 mm/hr ± 4% to 200 mm/hr ± 7% to 500 mm/hr 0.2 and 0.5 mm versions: ± 3% over 25 mm/hr to 200 mm/hr ± 6% to 500 mm/hr Contacts Two normally open magnetically actuated reed switches. Closure 50 milliseconds min150 milliseconds max Vibration Operating: high, consistent with high winds Storage: high, consistent with shipping and handling Heating 24 V...

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