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Datasheet OMC-183-ML Signal Conditioning Unit Features Inputs name 0-5Vdc IN 1 0-5Vdc IN 2 0-5Vdc IN 3 0-5Vdc IN 4 0-24mA IN 1 0-24mA IN 2 0-24mA IN 3 NMEA1 IN NMEA2 IN Outputs name NMEA OUT NMEA Return Functionality Voltage in no.1 Voltage in no.2 Voltage in no.3 Voltage in no.4 Current in no.1 Current in no.1 Current in no.1 Wind sensor 1 Wind sensor 2 Functionality RS422 with NMEA RS422 with OMC-2900 format The OMC-183-ML is the replacement of the OMC-183 and got similar functionality. The OMC-183-ML is a signal conditioning unit. It is designed to read and feed multiple sensors and multiplex these signals to a serial signal. It does not log or store any data. Although the OMC-183-ML can be used in many applications, we assumes it is used for meteorological applications. Usually the OMC-183-ML is factory configured for your application and no changes besides some optional user settings are required. The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

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General There are two output options, both use one way RS-422 serial communication. One contains the NMEA data protocol format. The other one got the old OMC-2900 format for backwards compatibility purposes. To execute analog input calibration and other configuration settings, there is also a bi-directional RS-232 menu available. To read the sensors, each unit contains four 0-5 Voltage inputs and three 0-24mA current inputs. All these analog inputs have already been configured during the manufacturing process. Specifications Data summary Power requirements • 85 TO 264 VAC, approx 30 mA...

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