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Datasheet Helideck Monitoring System 2.0 www.observator.com Observator has supplied many helideck monitoring systems during the past decades. In order to meet the high-demanding authority regulations and after listening to customer feedback, Observator has now launched HMS 2.0. HMS 2.0 is a helideck monitoring system which is designed to measure and visualize all relevant weather conditions in order to ensure maximum safety during helicopter landing and take-off operations. Compared with its precursor, HMS 2.0 has a compact design and is based on the Observator OIC (MeteoLink)-principle, which means a lower cost of ownership and reduced cabling during installation. Installation of the HMS 2.0 system has been simplified as all relevant sensors can be connected directly to the central PC unit. HMS 2.0 is applicable on all kinds of helicopter landing platforms, such as on enroute (naval) vessels, platforms, buildings, heliports and windfarms). Features • Compact hardware design with a 'Plug&play' system • Real time helideck weather and motion information • Compliant with CAP-437, HCA, Norwegian (Norsok) BSL D 1-5, Canadian OPEG and Brasil Normam-27 helideck standards • Options for remote access via web interface • Alarm and weather forecast options • Selection for aircraft, day / night and helideck category. • Stoplight function • Easily expendable with ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information System)-module A complete HMS 2.0 system consists of: • OIC-2020 19” industrial central unit • OMC-DOL-HMS software • Relevant weather sensors • Additional ATIS module (when required) The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

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System information The HMS 2.0 system (incl. software) meets the following requirements: • The latest UK CAA CAP-437 (Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, 8th Edition) • Norwegian Norsok CAA BSL D 1-5 • Brasil Normam-27 helideck guidelines • Canadian OPEG helideck guidelines • Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) as described in Standards Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev8c Standard HMS systems require the following parameters: • Wind speed and direction • Temperature • Humidity • Dew point • Barometric pressure (QFH / QNH) • Visibility • Present weather • Cloud height • Motion...

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OMC-DOL-HMS software OMC-DOL-HMS is a flexible software program and is The OMC-141 Automatic Terminal Information Service, or used on many different applications. The software can ATIS, is a continuous broadcast of recorded non-control combine meteorological data with ocean related and motion weather information for unmanned offshore or wind energy related data, so you will have all information available platforms. The broadcast contains essential weather information like, wind information, temperature, humidity, visibility or any other information required by pilots. Helicopter pilots...

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Service, project support and training On customer request, Observator can integrate the HMS 2.0 Wind speed and direction sensors central PC in a full wired 19” cabinet or sub-racks. Also project engineering, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), commissioning and service can be arranged by our own authorised engineers or service engineers with offshore licenses. Weather forecast / Training In cooperation with the Dutch company Meteo Group we are able to integrate the weather forecast module within OMCData-Online. With the same company, Observator offers a two...

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