BTD-350 Thunderstorm (Lightning) Detector


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Software module OMC-DOL-BTD with BTD-350 OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display with BTD-350 BTD-350 Thunderstorm (Lightning) Detector The BTD-350 Marine Thunderstorm Detector has been designed specifically for use in the marine environment. Its structure has been strengthened to withstand the rigors aboard large vessels with all surfaces coated Detects charged precipitation - warns overhead lightning risk even before the first lightning discharge. with a marine grade painting system. Highly immune to EM interference which is the major cause of false alarms in traditional standalone detectors. The BTD-350 reliably detects the presence of all forms of Detects cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. lightning, out to a range of 83km. The unique quasi electrostatic operating principle gives the detector a very Warns of overhead lightning risk. low false alarm rate and the unique ability to warn of the risk of overhead lightning, even before the lightning has Meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) performance requirements for aerodrome use. Virtually maintenance free, the BTD-350 can Including direction finder. Very low maintenance requirements. Provides information for enhanced CAP437 reporting of operate with the supplied PC display software, seamlessly integrate into sophisticated weather Developed for marine operation for salt spray, monitoring systems or directly activate local warning lights or sounders by optional warning relays. The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change wi

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General The electrostatic operating principle allows the sensor to warn of the risk of overhead lightning before the first discharge occurs. Virtually maintenance free in operation the BTD-350 can either interface directly to an integrated system or be operated using the supplied PC compatible display and logging software. The optional warning relay module allows the sensor to automatically sound alarms whenever a storm approaches. Data Summary • Detects Cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and • intra-cloud lightning discharges • Output Ethernet or Serial data (RS422) • Range 83 km (45 NM) •...

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