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Technical Data Sheet maridur® 70 interior constructions for yachts furniture manufacture base rail boards, skirting profiles the material is ideal for high gloss lacquering Properties  fine cell structure  very good machinability by hand and machine  excellent paintability  no swelling  easy to coat Description  maridur® 70 is a premium and easily machinable plastic Technical Data* Density approx. kg/m3 Compressive strength (DIN EN ISO 604) approx. MPa Bending strength (DIN EN ISO 178) approx. MPa Linear thermal expansion coefficient temperature from approx. 25 up to 70 °C (according to DIN 53752) 10-6 . K-1 Shore-D (DIN 53505) Shore-D Bend modulus of elasticity (DIN ISO 178) MPa *measured average values Possible dimensions:  2000 x 500 x 4 - 100 mm  2000 x 1000 x 4 - 100 mm The boards should be stored flat and at room temperature. Before processing, the boards should be acclimatized at a temperature between 18 – 25 °C. Sitz der Gesellschaft: Stadthagen, Reg.: Amtsgericht Stadthagen HRB 907 Geschäftsführer: Kurt Hüther, Torben Teichler OBO-Werke GmbH Am Bahnhof 5 DE - 31655 Sta

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Glue We use a two component epoxy based adhesive. However, you may also use any other polyurethane, epoxy or polyester based adhesive of your choice. Processing instructions Sawing - machining is possible with all common saws (horizontal or vertical saw as well as normal table and hand circular saws) - we recommend using only carbide-tipped saw blades - angle of gash from 8 to 10 degrees - cutting speed 40 to 80 m/min. Milling (router) - we recommend carbide-tipped tools (for maridur® a sharp cutting edge is required) - best milling results are achieved with high rpm (revolutions per...

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