Class 6


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Class 6 - 3

SAFE RACE SPACE Get it all...

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Class 6 - 4

ʻʼUnquestionably, O Yachts fills an otherwise unoccupied niche - for the moment – in the world of luxurious and ultra fast catamarans. Its Class 6 manages to combine speed, ease of handling, and safety, in a living space previously reserved for big cruising boats.ʼʼ Comment from MULTIHULLS World sea trial. Access to Sea Trial Class 6 Video Request full arti

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Class 6 - 5

Designed for a couple to go sabbatical without a skipper Designed for long range cruising in all secrurity with or without crew We designed a catamaran that offers safe and fast offshore passages in any conditions, even without professional crew. Security becomes factor #1. SPINE CONCEPT is the exclusive answer

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Class 6 - 6

Wave Piercing central hull • Reduce the impact in waves by driving water into the two tunnels wihtout any sharp angle. • Additonal buyancy from the Spine keeps the bow up.

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Class 6 - 7

Spine Concept revealed Class 6 LONGITUDINAL Mast load TRANSVERSAL Mast load Longitudinal Full Carbon central beam • Extra rigidity from full carbon (stern to bow). • Extra hull. The Spine becomes a third hull in gales

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Class 6 - 8

Spine Concept Allows us to perfectly center the mast Benefits • Greatly improved sea motion • Manageable main sail • Huge living area CLASS 6 Traditionalcatamarans Chartercatamaran Centered mast. Mast is front. Mast is clearly front. Huge living area. Reduced living area. Good Living area. Perfect sailing motion. Good sailing motion

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Class 6 - 9

Luxury is Space 44m2/475sq.ft on wetdeck 100% Custom Interior Create your own layout for : • Forward Cockpit • Saloon/Kitchen/Chart table area • Cockpit

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Class 6 - 10

100% Custom Interior designer See your boat in 3D before its built Work directly with Juri KARIINEN our interior designer to create your perfect boat. Create your own layout and style. Originally from Finland, Juri is not only a talented designer, he is also an accomplished sailor and understands the different needs when designing a boat interior.

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Class 6 - 11

Endless layoutsFeel free to express yourself We build the interior and layout of your choice after the hull and deck have been infused. Owner, family and friends will feel like home with an interior that reflects your style. Perfect finish We use skilled sub contractors to supply quality leather sewing (car industry), hand made anodized aluminium, talented carpenters ... All panels and furnitures are made with unique O Yachts «savoir faire» to keep weight down.

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Class 6 - 12

Thanks to the Spine Concept and the centered mast, we can exploit the area forward of the mast to create a large living space with a dining area, a chart table or a sofa lounge. We can even raise the floor in part of all of the interior cockpit to offer you unobstructed views to the sea. Your imagination is the limit. The huge volumes offered on the main deck gives you ample space to create large and separate areas for your galley, chart table, dining and lounging areas.

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Class 6 - 14

Options • Seats • Bench with lockers + seats • Table

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Class 6 - 15

At your request, we can build a full carbon flybridge without compromising the performance of your catamaran. Two design options are offered. FLYBRIDGE For those who liketo relax Flybridge Lounge Flybridge Sundbed area You canstay seated or tanningwhen sailing. You can stand uponly at anchor ormarina.This option is perfect for pleasureoriented catamarans. In this option you have large sunbed area with full carbon wind protection around.

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Class 6 - 16

Cabins layout Ownerʼs version : 3 or 4 cabins

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Class 6 - 19

Keel pro Appendages Keel or Daggerboard Daggerboard pro • Free payload. Following Archimedes Principle, the additional volume offered by the keel pushes the boat up, allowing extra payload while keeping the boat in its lines.. • Almost as efficient as a vertical daggerboard with 13kts wind. • Very simple compared to daggerboard management. • Good protection for propeller & rudder. • Possibility to land (easy repair). • More space for interior as you have no daggerboard casing. • Better upwind angle about 5% gain. • Better overall performances due to minimized drag about 4%. • Positive lift...

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Class 6 - 20

Rudder Access any lagoon No need to compromise between long efficient rudders and shallow draft. The lifting rudder option let you access shallow waters without compromising the performances. Retractable rudder option

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Class 6 - 21

Your private dock Long transom Safe boarding Easy boarding from your tender to your catamaran thanks to our extra long transom that acts as a dock.

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Class 6 - 22

Light carbon aluminium platform Enjoy this option Simple and great at anchor Prevent your tender from swinging Available for lightweight tenders only.

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Class 6 - 23

14T Light Displ. Weight is the key to performance On a catamaran, weight is the number one factor for speed. At O Yachts, we use large molds with an infusion process to achieve the best possible weight without compromising strength and rigidity. We pay attention to details such as foam cut and void spaces to reduce any unnecessary resin transfer. Carbon reinforced structures comes standard for reduced weight.

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Class 6 - 24

Amazing performances Racing pedigree Two mast options Race mast for ultimate performances and be a serious contender for line honors Performance mast for short handling usage while keeping exceptional performances. Speed is security With our slim and almost vertical bow flare, the Class 6 is clearly designed for speed. When a strong gale is coming, your best option is to stay ahead of the low pressure system. Only a fast catamaran will let you escape from a bad weather forecast. Class 6 is intrinsically fast ; while most performance catamarans will need huge sail areas to achieve speeds in...

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Class 6 - 25

CodeD 265m2/2850sq.ft Final numbers after specific calculations upon your program CLaSS 6 RACE Ultimate podium machine Full Carbon / Curved daggerboards Are you targeting podium and line honors? Then you need the best catamaran with the lightest possible weight, while remaining a solid platform for your cruising program. At O Yachts, we have achieved double infusion hull to avoid any resin transfer in the foam. With our naval architect Douglas Schickler (member of the Luna Rossa design team for the America’s Cup), we can design the sail plan and carbon curved daggerboard to achieve your...

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